Человек из Дома Вышел
  • Человек из Дома Вышел
  • Эдуард Хиль

Bad news came up from St. Petersburg today. Eduard Khil, also known as Mr. Trololo or Trololo Man, died in hospital there. He was one of the most famous Soviet and Russian baritone singers. Khil’s manner of execution of songs is unique and easily recognizable in Russia, characterized by charm, always having a great sounding bright, sonorous voice and the flight of lyrical baritone, with the powerful charge of optimism and humor. Rest in peace, Mr. Trololo.


Rest in peace Eduard Khil, you were an awesome Russian dude, you will be missed!


The Trololo singer, Eduard Khil, singing the song the internet made famous on December 23, 2011.