Screenleap lets you share your screen instantly. All you need is a web browser. The person watching your screen just needs a web browser to view (even from a smartphone.) There are going to be some incredible things we can do with this. This can also make it easier to troubleshoot as you can see the screen of who you’re trying to help. (And it is free.)

Meet our team: Chief Scientist Ph.D. Harri Ketamo

SmartKid™ is fun learning game developed by scientists, psychologists and game developers to enhance the way kids learn. It has over 10 years of scientific research in the background. This is why we wish to introduce you our Chief Scientist.

Ph.D. Harri Ketamo is the Chief Scientist and founder of SkillPixels. He is a Senior Fellow at University of Turku and Adjunct Professor at Tampere University of Technology. During his academic career, Harri has specialized in Cognitive Psychology of Learning, Complex Adaptive Systems, Semantic Computing and Game Als.

Harri is our ambassador of learning around the World in education and edtech events. He is speaking how to combine the Science of Learning to games successfully. Here he is talking at Slush2014. If you are interested follow #Edtech events and @Skillpixels on Twitter.

Een App kan precies evenveel als alle andere leermiddelen. Het is weer een andere invalshoek om een kind te benaderen. 
Pak het erbij maar verwacht niet dat jij als leerkracht er niet meer toe doet.

Jij ziet, voelt, hoort en ruikt wat het kind nodig heeft. kan je hierbij helpen. 

Zoek apps op groep, leerdoel of creativiteit:

Eduapp is de meest overzichtelijke portal om educatieve apps voor school en thuis te vinden. Zoek op vakgebied, leeftijd en zelfs specifiek op leergebied. Organiseer je apps in lijsten en deel ze met anderen.

Video Games to Apps: A Brief History of Tech Innovations in Managing Chronic Conditions

The devices we carry with us everyday are powerful tools that have revolutionized our lives. From the way we communicate to the way we get information, our phones have changed things dramatically. While some may bemoan these changes, we also have to acknowledge the power our devices can have to make us healthier. There are apps that chime to remind you to drink water and apps that count your calories. But what if an asthma app could help you learn proper inhaler technique or help familiarize you with an asthma action plan in order to better control your asthma? Apps aren’t just for your general health anymore, and they aren’t just for adults! There are kids apps, like Wellapets, that can change behavior to help manage chronic conditions like asthma in kids.

Such apps are inspired by an established precedent of using video games to manage chronic conditions. Pamela M. Kato, EdM, PhD, describes a change in healthcare that has sparked the development of games for health: “healthcare has shifted from the care of a passive patient to one that requires patients to be empowered to manage their health.” Games can have a major role in the development of such active, healthy behaviors particularly in those with chronic conditions.

Video games and computer games were some of the original products in this arena. Douglas Goldstein of iConecto and Gaming4Health reported that there were over 600 health “e-games,” including both online and PC-based, by June 2009. A main target for these e-games were behavioral based and included things such as medication management considering medication compliance is often an issue like it is for those with asthma symptoms.

Games have proved to be very successful in affecting behavior related to wellbeing. In Debra Lieberman’s randomized clinical trial study from 2001, “children and adolescents improved their self care and reduced their emergency clinical utilization after playing health education and disease management video games,” and more specifically with asthma games: “Positive outcomes were also found in clinical trials of games for asthma self-management.”

Now that games—video, online, and mobile—have been proven to positively impact health, more and more people are seeing these games’ value and they are even being incorporated as a method of chronic disease management. As Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby for PSFK Labs says: “gameplay and mechanics are being integrated into long term treatment, recovery and fitness plans as ways to ensure that people stay motivated and adhere to their goals.”

If asthma affects your child, Wellapets can help bring these benefits to your phone or tablet. We’re live on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore now. Share your thoughts and feedback on our forum at


SmartKid™ is a scientifically developed math learning game aimed at children aged 4-8 years that is both smart and fun.

SmartKid™ increases the child’s learning motivation and makes learning more effective. In our game child teaches the game.

SmartKid™ has received numerous awards such as the Best Mobile Educational Solution and the Best Mobile Service in Finland in 2013.

You can download SmartKid™ here: 

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This app converts study notes to speech. This might be an app that some of you are interested in trying out for your special needs students. “OutlinesOutloud takes the sting out of studying by converting your study outlines to spoken audio. Super-flexible playback controls let you vary speech rate; jump forward and backward with ease, skip rows or whole sections, loop—and more!”


This free tool lets teachers turn traditional paper into an online interactive guide. You don’t need an email for students to sign up. Worth a try.

SideVibe Presentation (by gscottfearnley)

One of the concerns about ipads is the inability to use flash or javascript. This can be done. Here are the top 10 flash players. If you limit down to those that can do Flash AND java - the options are a bit pricey - Cloud Browse does both but only lets you have 10 minute browsing sessions. Virtual Firefox ($4.99) and Virtual Browser for Chrome (19.99) each can allow Java and Flash and also bookmark/sync services with your desktop browser (5.99 and .99 respectively.) This may be a tad expensive but show it can be done. The highest rated is virtual browser for chrome. I think the chrome browser is a tad pricey. You do have to be 17 to download these apps, I guess because you can use them to access video. 


This app from Splashtop turns an android tablet into an interactive whiteboard.Yes, it plays flash media, lets you control a PC and do more. I love Splashtop desktop and use it as my preferred way to connect to my home and school computers.

Whiteboard for Android (by SplashtopInc)

Nice list of apps from Mashable. There are two of interest to me: pair (which links me with my husbandin a private network of sorts for list sharing, etc) and also Wonders of the Universe (another planetary exploration mind experience.) You’ll want to go through this list. Also of note, a new video conferencing ipad enabled app that lets you share video, etc. The collaborative conferencing programs out there need to understand that we need ipad-friendly apps, period. No choices, do it and do it now or we will find other platforms to collaborate.