My classroom library IS my happy place!

Given the choice between adding fewer books or adding more bookshelves, I always choose the bookshelves. I love for my students to be surrounded by books everywhere. I think it’s a visual reminder every day of the importance and priority of books and literacy. It is their favorite part of the classroom, too! I feed off of their excitement. They light up whenever we add books to the library (which is probably part of why I spend so much time and money on books…I spoil my students!).

I firmly believe that access to all types of books is key in building future readers and book lovers!

On this day in Potter history...

…Educational Decree #24 is passed

The Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four was the first Educational Decree created by Dolores Umbridge, Hogwarts High Inquisitor. It was passed to prevent the formation of Dumbledore’s Army, other organisations, clubs, team or societies.

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