My classroom library IS my happy place!

Given the choice between adding fewer books or adding more bookshelves, I always choose the bookshelves. I love for my students to be surrounded by books everywhere. I think it’s a visual reminder every day of the importance and priority of books and literacy. It is their favorite part of the classroom, too! I feed off of their excitement. They light up whenever we add books to the library (which is probably part of why I spend so much time and money on books…I spoil my students!).

I firmly believe that access to all types of books is key in building future readers and book lovers!

anonymous asked:

i don't think you're the kind of person who should eduacate people on white feminism seeing as you are priviledged in so many ways. You have a missguided view on it (fact) and is basically teaching your followers about something you don't even seem to understand

I certainly experience being a woman and being a feminist differently than other women that I know, being a cis, white woman. I definitely don’t think that I’m someone who is in a position to talk about the experiences that women of color face or trans women or disabled women, by any stretch of imagination. However, I’m also a queer woman so as far as diversity and range of experience, I don’t think it’s correct to say there’s no place for my voice or my view in a conversation about diverse, multi-faceted feminism. That’s really what I was trying to say, is that while we may not all be able to educate people on experiences that we don’t ourselves know, it’s really important to lend our ear to everyone’s voices and stories and experiences within the many facets and variances of privilege and diversity. I don’t have the same experiences as a woman of color or a disabled woman. A straight woman of any race will have different experiences than me, and a queer woman of color will have experiences that intersect with mine while also having entirely different ones because while i understand being a queer woman, I don’t share her experience of being a queer woman of color. This also goes for religion and sex and gender and disability. There may not be a lot of room in multi-faceted feminism for more straight, cis, christian, white women to tell us all what we should and shouldn’t want from the world and speak over our voices but there is definitely room for all of us that experience different forms of privilege and diversity to lend one another our experiences and voices and support. So while you’re right, I’m not someone that can talk about the difference between white and poc experience as women because that’s a cause that should be spoken about by women of color, I do have experiences as a queer woman that are important to feminism in their ways. I hope that explains what I’m saying? Unless my understanding and education on intersectionality and white feminism thus far is entirely wrong. I highly recommend watching that pizza video that I reblogged though because she has a great way of explaining it that I loved and used to explain it to some of my friends quite a while ago that seemed to help get the message across. 


Please share and spread this, because there are people who do not know this stuff and eduacation about these things is key!