thecoffinsalesman  asked:

How much education does it take to be a wright? Is it like college-level eduacation or just high school?

The comparison’s not quite right, but let’s say college. Pymary is taught atop a general education - reading, writing, arithmetic - and how deep you go into it and what exactly you learn is highly dependant upon what you’ll be pursuing within the pymary field. Are you just going to be a wagewright maintaining civic pymarics or running plods all your working life who doesn’t really know a word of Old Tainish beyond what you’ve memorized by rote for casting spells? Will you become an artificer who not only needs to understand how spells are put together but have practical engineering knowledge in the field of First Materials? Maybe you’ll be a fieldwright who needs to be marvellously fast, quick-witted, attuned to the khert-lines, physically fit and agile, with a masterful sense of space and marksmanship. Or maybe you’ll go for Composition itself and need to learn all the ins and outs of Old Tainish, the mathematical underpinnings of the khert, and how to sound the lower layer of the world via farcyte seerstones so you can bring back intelligences and even new vocabulary for your creations.

In truth the best wrights never stop learning. Even a 400 year old Copper caster, if she’s truly passionate, learns something new every day.