A year ago today OTRA started… A year ago today Elounor and Sophiam were still together… A year ago today Louis was not a father… A year ago today Zayn was so excited to be back on tour… A year ago today fans were upset about the lack of FOUR songs on the setlist… A year ago today Zayn was still in the band… A year ago today OT4 was not a thing… A year ago today MITAM didn’t exist… A year ago today there was no hiatus… A year ago today life in the One Direction fandom was much simpler…

me: *suddenly appears on harrys house*

harry: what the hell how did u get in 

me: just wanted to check if u have scheduled ur date w niall for valentine’s day already  

harry: what are u talking about GET OUT OF HERE

me: okay baby i’ll let him know ur going to pick him up at 9pm 

Fandom: “oh no, Niall! But he’s the biggest 1D fan ever. He loves his boys and his band so much. What’s he going to do? Poor Nialler, this break is going to be so hard for him”

Niall: (first day of hiatus) “peace out ya crazy mofos” *vanishes into thin air while cackling**eventually becomes an urban legend said to only appear when offered professionally signed sportswear*