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“Have you ever”

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(from tuesday, 17 October 2017)

So, this is a little taste of the new song! A part of a bigger project that contains lyrics contributed by people that support me on #Patreon! A big THANK YOU to all of them for being a part of this creative journey! 💟

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sage-91  asked:

Know what I want to see in the future? Bakugo and Izuku developing a friendship based on competition, who gets better grades, who can get to class first. And by their third year it just goes into absurd and petty levels of who can do it better/faster

i just want them to grow up and constantly snark at each other

a scenario i like to imagine when they’re older is Bakugou was kidnapped and Izuku and his team (probably made up of Kiri, Ocha, and Kami) bust in and rescue him. 

except afterwards, Bakugou is still tied up. and Izuku is happily talking to the news about how they’ve successfully completed their job, as you can hear Bakugou in the background screaming bloody murder and how he’s gonna kill Deku if he doesn’t get him out of these ropes right now. Izuku easily ignores him and continues happily talking to the news team.

basically i just want them to be passive-aggressive jerks to each other, but in a healthy way. b/c i can’t ever see them being friends or anything close to it. too much bad history there.

but i do want to see them be petty jerks to each other while everyone watches, amused and/or exasperated 

I think what’s making me the most peeved is that like

in the trailer we see illyana as a little girl with someone who is likely bellasco, and we see sam and his father in the mines

which means the people in charge of this movie know the origin stories of the new mutants

and since berto’s origin story literally hinges on him being black and experiencing anti-black racism

that means that they didn’t whitewash him out of ignorance

this was a deliberate decision, and they’re likely going to be changing his origins in order to match their whitewashed version

which just makes it so much more disgusting honestly??

no offence but this is actual true altruism; going against everything in your internet persona and breaking branding just to spread awareness for something and gaining nothing from it.. he really did this just because he knows how much good he can do with a platform of his size and in all honestly its makin me tear up