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wait what? when did Grant and Hannah break up the first time? and second? girl get messy let me know the deets

They broke up the first time when the Flash pilot was filming and got back together last summer.

They broke up the second time this Feb - March and got back together Mid-Marchish? And have been on since. They were together in December, had cute pics and stuff, and then right after New Year’s, Grant had a temper tantrum on Twitter, mad that people ‘accused him of changing’ and ‘he couldn’t wait to get  back to work’. And then they filmed the kiss scene.

(Like, he and Hannah unfollowed each other on twitter/insta after New Year’s this year, she didn’t wish him a happy birthday, they didn’t talk or interact or anything, and then one day they were following each other again, tweeting and posting cute pics, etc. And he won’t interact with Candice on Insta/Twitter anymore even though she @s him a LOT, but he’s cool with other cast members….)