Block B Reaction: You jump out in a mask and scare them

Zico: This ‘tough cookie’ let out a girlish scream that left you laughing hysterically and him giving you a judging look out of embarrassment

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Jaehyo: “Okay that was cruel. Expect payback.” (followed by extremely pathetic attempts at scaring you, failing nearly every time)

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U-Kwon: He’d pretend to be mad but be laughing the entire time. Expect him to scare you back later that day and succeeding very well!

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B-Bomb: He’d give out a loud yell and fall backwards. After he sees it’s you he’ll give you the “I’m so done with your shit” face, causing you to laugh harder

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Kyung: please ignore the subtitle “Yes, yes very good y/n you succeeded in scaring the crap out of me. Why do you enjoy my suffering??”

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P.O: “Jagi~! You scared the crap out of me!! How are you so good at scaring me when you’re also so cute??”

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Namorar um de rostinho bonito e corpo modelado é fácil, mas já pensou namorar alguém que faça questão de te ter por perto ou que o dia dela se torna feliz só por te ver? Isso é incrível.