Alright, so you all remember in A Court of Thorns and Roses/Mist and Fury where Rhysand, the  High Lord of the Night Court’s powers to slip into your mind are described as a type of caressing against your mind? It’s stated so many times that I don’t even need to quote it, you all know what I’m talking about. 


I’m rereading Heir of Fire, and I found THIS:

“The owl rustled its wings, the wood groaning beneath its talons, and the darkness in Maeve’s eyes spread, reaching. There was a faint pulse in the air, a throbbing against her blood. A tapping, then a razor-sharp slicing against he rmind—as if Maeve were trying to cleave open her skull and peer inside. Pushing, teasing, tasting—

“Fighting to keep her breathing steady, Celaena positioned her hands within easy reach of her blades as she pushed back against the claws in her mind. Maeve let out a low laugh, and the pressure in her head ceased.”

~Heir of Fire, pages 56-57

(Sound like somebody?)


“Rowan kept pace with her as she stalked to the small dais before the carved railing, and when they stopped, he dropped to his knees and bowed his head. “Majesty,” he murmured.

“Her aunt did not even glance at Rowan or bid him to rise. She left her nehew kneeling as she turned her violet, starry eyes to Celaena and gave her a spider’s smile.” ~Heir of Fire, page 501


Guys, I think…I think that maybe the Throne of Glass series and the A Court of Thorns and Roses series might seriously be related. One may be set in the future or in the past, or in a different Realm, or something! But this is not mere coincedence. 

How is it that Maeve just so happens to have dark hair, violet eyes, mind-powers, and is older than dirt? I think she and Rhysand may be related. Distantly, but still related.

so as someone who only recently started reading the ToG series and has witnessed the mess that the fandom has devolved into over the past week, my only reaction is to step slowly backwards out the door…

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(But still gonna keep reading tho, let’s be real)


(also pssst here’s a secret you can address the flaws of a story and the need for improvements without blatantly hating on an author and likewise you can acknowledge problematic aspects in your favorite series and still consider yourself a fan!!! thoughtful discourse on media is good!!!! we should always work towards something better thats representative and unproblematic but no story is perfect and none ever will be!!!! so keep on having civil thoughtful discourse until you are heard, but gods above, let’s not alienate each other!!! we all love the same thing!!!!)

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Sarah J. Maas.

I mean come on people she’s writing two series at the same time AND releasing one book from each every year! plus both series have huge and intricate worlds and complex characters, which must take alot of planning. Plus she’s always writing bonus content, and doing long book tours, and also has many future projects lined up for the future (Like catwoman, the potential tv series and movie etc).
i mean, just bravo Mme Maas. 

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