When does Leo, who is usually quiet and introverted, speak the most?
  • Leo: When I met Trey Songz.
  • Hongbin: At that time, rather than thinking that he talked a lot, I thought, “Why is this hyung like this,” and it was to the point I felt secondhand embarrassment. People can talk a lot. But he started talking so much so I was really surprised. However my feelings were the same when I met Park Hyoshin sunbae-nim, so on the other hand I sympathized with his feelings too well and I could understand that heart.
  • Leo: It was also my birthday that day. Honestly, when the members wanted to go shopping in Beverly Hills, I wanted to rest but seeing as it was my birthday, I went out thinking “Okay, let’s just go.” And then, this really unexpected gift came to be.
  • (StarM January 2014)

Title: Bound Demon

Protagonists: Hyuk, reader

Warnings: Rated M, Smut, Kinky

Word Count: 1973

Summary: You wanted to capture an ice demon with your lens and Hyuk agreed to be the subject.

Author’s Note: For the Anon that requested M-rated Hyuk. Sorry this took so long! I had the idea for this for a while, but it took me several days to get around to writing it. Despite having one idea for this, it turned out rather different and somehow ended up as the longest piece of smut I’ve written for this blog… It also seems to lack the most plot. I feel kinda like I didn’t really capture Hyuk’s personality too well here though… ah well. Sub!Hyuk and Dom!Reader

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For atomicpenguinx

Just You and Me

“Are we there yet?” You ask eagerly

“Almost! Probably another 5 minutes” Jaehwan said as he looked at you and smiled.

You and Jaehwan were on your way to his friend’s cabin up in the mountain range. It had been a while since you both saw each other due to his hectic schedule.

You both wanted to go on a trip together but also wanted to be alone so you decided to come out to the mountains.

“We’re here” Jaehwan said

“Woah it’s so pretty” you said as you got down from the car.

“It is isn’t it” Jaehwan said looking at you and not the scenery before him.

Jaehwan quickly got your bags in as the weather outside was chill. He started the fire and brought out some blankets. You were in the kitchen making coffee before you felt Jaehwan’s arms wrap around your waist.

“Doesn’t it feel like we’re newly weds that just moved into there new house?” Jaehwan said as he kissed your shoulder.

You laughed as you turned around and handed him his coffee. He held onto your hand and followed you like a lost puppy into the living room.

As you finished your coffee Jaehwan pulled you in between his legs as he wrapped your bodies up in blankets. You sat in front of the fireplace as you enjoyed the peace and quite. You leaned your body back against Jaehwan as he kissed your head.

“I’ve missed you” Jaehwan said as he rested his chin on your shoulder, while his arms were wrapped securely around your waist

“I’ve missed you too” you said as you held onto his hands.

“Maybe but I’ve missed you more” Jaehwan said as he kissed your neck.

Jaehwan’s hands found their way under your shirt as he caressed your bare skin. His lips worked wonders on your skin as you closed your eyes and let out a soft moan.

You felt him smirk against your skin as he whispered in your ear:

“I want you”

“Then take me” you said

Jaehwan smiled as he turned your body around. He attached his lips to yours pulling you into a world of passion. His tongue invaded your mouth exploring every corner of your mouth.

His kiss was intoxicating as you slowly felt yourself running out of breathe. You pulled away from the kiss and said as you caught your breathe:

“Shouldn’t we go to the bedroom?”

“Forget it, I can’t wait anymore” Jaehwan said as he pulled you into another kiss.

He kept this one short as his lips slowly travelled down your neck. His kisses were filled with love as each kiss showed how much he missed you.

He tugged on the hem of your shirt as you lifted your arms up. He pulled your shirt revealing your red lace bra. He smirked at you as he pulled you closer to him attacking your lips once more.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands found their way to undo your bra. He yanked it off and tossed it aside.

Jaehwan pulled away from the kiss as his kisses trailed down your body to your chest. You bent your back as he took your nipple in his mouth sucking and biting on it. He gave the other nipple the same treatment before pinning you down on the floor.

Jaehwan sat up and took his shirt off revealing his well toned body. Your fingers traced over his bare chest as he looked at you and smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” You asked

“Because you’re so beautiful and because I love you” Jaehwan said as he kissed you.

“You’re so cheesy” you said kissing him back.

Jaehwan tugged on your pants as he pulled them off along with your underwear. His fingers traced over your wet entrance making you moan.

Jaehwan inserted his finger in you as you arched your back in pleasure. He teased you by lazily kissing your neck, he inserted another finger as you grabbed onto his hair.

He had you breathless and moaning and he had hardly even started. When he could no longer take it he pulled his fingers out from you to which you whined.

Jaehwan stood up as he unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down along with his boxers traveling his already hard member. He climbed back on top of you as he watched you breathe, lifting your chest up and down.

You could feel his member against your skin as he positioned himself around your entrance.

“Are you ready?” Jaehwan asked as he kissed you.

You nodded as he pushed himself inside of you. You clung onto his back as you dug your nails into his skin. Jaehwan kissed you as you mumbled against his lips:


He did as you asked and slowly started to move. His pace soon picked up as you felt yourself drowning in pleasure. After a few more thrusts you both reached your climax.

Jaehwan pulled himself out of you before collapsing down next to you. He pulled you into his arms as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear as he whispered sweet nothings to you making you laugh.

“If your friend knew what we just did on his floor he’d have a fit” you said smiling.

“Well he’s gonna have a heart attack after he finds out what we’re about to do on his bed” Jaehwan said as he scoped you up in his arms carrying you off to the bedroom for round 2.