[FANCAFE] 150603 N “June 3, 3:36”

It seems like my radio program just started a day or two ago, but one month has already passed. Time is really fast, isn’t it?
Listening to my radio every night at the same time, coming to our home at the same time and seeing traces of Starlights; it’s already almost morning because the days have become shorter.. but what surprises me more is that there are a lot of Starlights awake with me at this time! ㅋㅋ

Last night.. I finally found the item I really, really, really wanted to put in the drawer when I was told it would be released in the Love Equation album.
It was the balloon that everyone waved around excitedly on the day of VIXX’s fanclub inauguration.. I couldn’t find it at all, but after cleaning up I was so flustered and speechless to find it in my vacation bag. Nonetheless I was happy to see it! I should have lived a bit more cleanly…ㅋ

Truthfully these days..
As I’m meeting many singer hoobaes, my image as well as ours keeps coming to mind.. We always swore with confidence that we won’t lose our roots like it was a habit, but in reality what is my image now… I just threw this question to ask myself but I couldn’t find the answer.

But the feelings of happiness, joy, and gratefulness in my heart of seeing the small balloon cannot lie.
Should I say that I felt a little reassured…. I felt something strange  that I can’t explain in words.

So with half thinking that Starlights would be happy to see this balloon, and half wanting try to lessen the regret, even if just a little, of not being able to put it in the album,
I brought it to the open studio today while recording!! As expected, you liked it a lot and were happy^^

Promise that we’ll write from the first stories to the 10th, 100th stories together! Don’t forget! Okay?

See you in your dreams~ N night!

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx