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SUSIE I don't know if you've already gotten this request or if they're even open, but based on one of the MLTs I saw these past few days, can you write something where Harry's girl's nudes get leaked somehow and how they would deal with them? love youuuuu!

Broke my damn heart writing this.  Ugh.

For the first time in my life, I was at a loss for words.  I had no idea what to say.  What could I say?  There was no way to make this any better.  In fact, I was probably going to make it worse if I tried to go in there and calm her down.

I mean, it was my fault anyway.  My job, my fans, my life choices that brought us to this point.  It was my fault.  

It was just supposed to be fun.  Something the two of us could do together at home on a rainy evening.  I liked taking pictures.  More importantly I liked taking pictures of her.  Her body parts, her face, her hair…all of it.  She was my muse in more ways than one.

I erased them.  I swore I did.  The next day after I’d taken a moment to appreciate how beautiful she was, I erased them.  But I took them with my phone.  My phone that automatically uploaded to the cloud.

You know the rest.

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Hi guys! I’m back….sort of. I’m currently trying my best to check in here and there to let you know that I’m fine. My hiatus is still ongoing though, and it is very unlikely that I will post any art until August.

However, the hiatus has not stopped me from drawing. I’m currently filling my sketchbook with traditional drawings, and I will make sure to share some of them with you when I come back. A lot of you have left cheerful messages in my inbox (I have not responded to the asks though, and I probably won’t in future. Instead I’ll keep them collected in my inbox so I can look at them whenever I need to cheer up).

I want to thank you for your understanding and support by drawing a few freestyle-requests for you guys <3

I have a bid for you though: please send your requests via chat messages through a new blog I made called leffie-requests (I will probably rename this blog in future).

In other words: please do not send your requests through my reblog-, or fanart-blog. Any requests that are sent to those accounts OR via asks will be ignored. I’m doing this to have a better overview over my tumblr.

A few more rules/things to know about the requests:
-Request something that is fanart so I can upload it on my fanart blog
-Please do not request more than two things (preferably only one drawing)
-Please do not be mad if I don’t end up drawing your request
-And if your request is based on fanfiction, please do not send me the fanfiction and expect me to visualize it (no matter how short or long it is). Instead, just briefly explain what you want to have on the picture, as you would for a normal request.
-I may accept comic requests, but only ones that are no longer than 4 panels
-I will not accept animation requests…
-…as requests will be drawn traditionally
-I am still unsure how many requests I will accept. I’m thinking about something between 3-5
-I will not tell you whether I accept or reject your request (or comment on your request in general). Let’s make this as a surprise :)
-The requests will be uploaded sometime in August

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So my Niall charity t-shirt finally arrived (yay!) so in honor of that, how do you think he would react if you came out of the bedroom wearing just that t-shirt... and you have my permission to write it as filthy and nasty as you like... because we all know you hate writing/thinking naughty things about him 😉

I have a request for you! Okay so plz hear me out, so almost every person that writes has written about being smaller than the boy and how cute it would be with him teasing you and all that but could you do one where your taller than him? I hardly ever get to read those and if I do they’re like “you were about ¾ a cm taller but you made it through” lol like I want to read one where she’s actually taller like 6ft (id appreciate it very much. Also you'er writing is beautiful) have a good day!

Here ya go babes.  Joined two of them.

I practically sprinted up the driveway once I’d gotten home.  It had been almost two months since we’d last seen each other while I was on tour.  Two months of Skype dates and phone sex and…my  hand.  It was terrible.  Every moment I was away, it just made my desire worse and worse.  I just needed to get to my love.

I knew she was home, her pickup truck was parked out front.  I hated that thing, mostly because I needed a spot to get into it.  But not her.  See, my girl was a six foot tall, amazingly beautiful Goddess and I was a goner the minute I saw her.

I pushed open the front door, glancing around the front room to see if she was in there.  She wasn’t.  In fact the house was shut up tight due to the fact that it was 900 degrees outside.  So the air conditioning was on.  Of course she had it blasting so the house was about the temperature of ice station zero, but that was fine.  That just meant I’d have to hold her a little closer to keep warm and I was amenable to that idea.

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99. "Take off your clothes.” Connor x reader pls? ;)


Hearing the familiar chime of the bell at the door, I looked up from sewing a rip in one of my dress to the familiar Assassin standing at the door. “Oh Connor! Come in!” I smiled, taking another pin out of the rip as I sewed over it. Said man closed the door gently, walking towards one of the sofas I put in in case anyone had to wait. “You’re right on time, I was just going to get the measuring tape.” He nodded, sitting on the green sofa. “I just need to finish this last one before I do anything.”

“Take your time, I can wait.” He said, putting one leg over the other while entwining his fingers on his knee. “Did you hear about Ellen catching a fever?” The giant asked, looking at me as I gently folded the dress and put it off to the side.

“I only heard she got it from Oliver. Poor woman…” I opened a drawer and got the yellow tape out, walking to the middle of the room where I usually did the measurements. “So, what do you need this suit for?” He stood up with a straight face, his fists clenching and uncurling at his hips.

“A mission in Boston required me to wear something fancy, it would not be wise to walk in with my assassin robes.” He said, spreading his arms wide as I measured his wrist, elbow, and shoulder. “I have also been informed I would need to bring a formally dressed woman with me.” I noticed how nervous he got as he told me this information, gently lowering his arm so I could measure the other one. “I was wondering if… if you could accompany me…” He trailed off, making me smile in slight amusement. I stepped back to write down the measurements, shaking my head as his nervousness became obvious.

“Aww, Connor. You don’t have to be shy, of course I’ll come with you.” Connor looked up at me like a puppy, and I had to admit it was cute. “Alright, take your clothes off.” I basically heard him gulp heavily, but I kept my straight face on.

“Wh-what?” He whispered, a red hue taking over his cheeks.

Take off your clothes. If I’m going to make a custom suit, the measurements need to be on point!” I put my hands on my hips and tapped my foot.

“Do I really have to…?” I heard him whisper, making made me lose my facade.

“No, Connor. I was just messing with you.” I waved it off, watching the blush grow redder. “It helps, but I don’t want to do that do you.” I wrapped the tape around his waist, trailing it up to his chest.

“I can if it helps.” He said, this time with a serious face. A smile overtook my face, looking up at the flustered man.

“You can if you want to, Connor. I ain’t stopping you.”

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After the Son/in Bla/ck kni/ght episode. Arin calls Suzy but is still feeling low. Dan and Brian comfort and cuddle him.

Arin sighed, laying in one of the beanbags, his phone pressed to his ear as Suzy tried to soothe him. “It’s alright, sweetheart. Just rest.”

“I’m just so…frustrated. Drained. I don’t know. It’s stupid as hell. And I feel dumb for getting so worked up over this, but I am.”

“You aren’t dumb. It’d piss anyone off, really.”

“I guess…”

“Go and relax. I’ll see you tonight.”

Arin sighed. “Alright… Love you.”

“I love you too.”

He draped an arm over his face, haphazardly shoving his phone in his pocket. He’d wound down, the initial anger leaving behind exhaustion and irritation.

He scored over when someone nudged him, and Brian’s familiar gruff voice soothed his mind a little. “Hey Ar. Dan told me what happened.”

Arin grumbled, rolling onto his side, burying his face in Brian’s chest. He let out a long sigh, inhaling the familiar scent. “Is it… Is it fuckin possible to destroy three hours of your life?”

“I’d tell you if I knew.” Brian pressed a kiss to the top of Arin’s head, rubbing his back gently.

Arin pressed his face into Brian’s chest with a drawn out groan, making the older man chuckle softly.

Dan padded over quietly, smiling gently. “Hey…”

Arin lifted a hand, half waving. “Hi Dan,” Brian said softly.

Dan knelt next to the beanbag on Arin’s other side. “Hey big cat.”

Arin lifted his head, smiling weakly at Dan. “Hi…”

Dan inched into the beanbag, wrapping an arm around Arin’s stomach. “We’ve got you. No shitty game can take you from us.”

Arin just laughed softly, laying his head back down with Dan pressed against his back. He was right. Arin wouldn’t let some shitty game get the best of him.

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Hi! Could you pretty please do a blurb/ one shot about y/n having to comfort Harry because he doesn't think people on his new movie like him? Harry strikes me as the ultimate people pleaser so I think his girl would have to know how to comfort him if he thinks someone's not hit biggest fan! Love your writing!! Xx

Phone calls from Harry from France were your favorite part of the day.  He was shooting Dunkirk and most of the time he called he was exhausted and only able to stay awake long enough to tell you he loved you and say goodnight.  

But this was different, because it wasn’t even 2 pm and he was calling. Maybe he got done shooting early.

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Tegan woke up to the scent of coffee and smiled at the memories of the night before.
Finally Sara and her had called the shots and now were going steady, she knew their friends had been teasing them to do so since they look like an old married couple already, knowing what the other will say or do before hand or finishing each other’s sentences; matching clothes wasnt either uncommon for them. Some people thought of them as twins just being extremely close, and others saw them as a cute couple walking down the streets matching.
Tegan willed herself to open her eyes and sit on the bed taking in Sara’s room, what a change it was from her own room… this room screamed Sara, they just needed the cats in and of course Sara.
Tegan decided to get up and meet her on the living room or maybe she was in the kitchen, finally doing breakfast for both of them in mercy of Tegan and not just coffee; once dressed letting out a yawn she picked her phone off the nightstand getting lost for a second in the notifications but heard some meows out and smiled quickly moving to open the bedroom door which had to be closed cause she didnt wanted her new kids to watch mommies having action.
Opening the door she was surprised by a Sara and not two little balls of fur, smiling at a grinning Tegan with two cups of coffee in one hand  and dish with doughnuts in the other.
“FOOD!” Tegan said helping Sara with the mugs cursing at how hot it was.

After their breakfast, Tegan stood again pumped with energy as Sara was slow and elegant gathering the things to put them in the kitchen again, only to be stopped by a Tegan.
“I know you dont like much FB, just like me but maybe… we can… i was thinking in making it snapchat official?”
That earned an eye roll from Sara who just nodded with a smile
“Snapchat official” Sara snorted as Tegan took her phone in hand again moving it so the frontal camera was on them, thinking ‘damn Sara looks good with every lightning and every thing’
“You ready Sasa? Im gonna make a quick video for our friends…” Tegan said but couldn’t finish
“So they stop mocking us?” Sara finished for her instead letting a giggle out “i was born ready” she mumbled and got impossibly close to Tegan
“Hey guys, …….” For Sara, Tegan’s voice went in off as her eyes fixated on her girlfriend and sister on the screen… 'flawless’ she thought and turned and placed a chaste kiss on Tegan’s jaw.