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My mum saw Ed Sheeran drop off a friend at the train station. Like the Jared Padalecki anon: you're not really from Suffolk unless you've had a Sheeran Encounter. I've also been to the real life Castle On The Hill as like a day trip.

!!! I love Ed and I love that song



I literally am in love with how mumsy she is. Her look is so casual and simple, I think she’s going to be a brilliant mum! Also; she’s either going to pop really soon or she’s having twins. What do you think??

My Mum and Ed Sheeran
  • Mum: why didn't you tell me?
  • Me: tell you what?
  • Mum: that my red little cupcake is married
  • Me: WTF? since when is sven (my brother) married?
  • Mum: not sven, I'm talking about ed. ed is married ..and not with you.
  • Me: and whose fault is that? if you had lived in England, who knows what would have happened.
  • Mum: that's true. Do you want to come over ? Make sure to bring Ed's dvd.
  • Me: Sure. And Mum? Ed is not married
  • Mum: then you know what you have to do, find ed, marry him and get sweet little ginger babies with him. but first, let's see, how Ed rocks the wembley stadium.

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What is your favorite thing about Edd's friendshuip with Eddy. How does it differ from Ed?

The way Edd and Eddy work off each other is terrific. They’re pretty opposite in personalities but are shown to work well with one another, even if Double D doesn’t always want to do Eddy’s scams. Also, I love it when they act like mother figures to Ed! Double D also really cares about Eddy a lot and shows this in many episodes, like when Eddy had that large pimple or when Eddy was embarrassed of his middle name.

Ed and Double D’s friendship is different than Double D and Eddy but it’s still very sweet. Double D gets grossed out by Ed a lot, but he still loves and cares for him. Like I said before, he kind of acts Ed’s mother (and thinking about it, from what we’ve seen in the show, Ed’s mum doesn’t really care about Ed at all so it’s nice to see someone caring for him, even if it is one of his friends).

I either want Labour or Green Party to win, I don’t think I could handle another 5 years with Conservatives and their demands and seeing people on the street whilst rich people rubbing in their cash in poor people faces. I want all the NHS’ that Conservatives closed down, reopened. I want younger people like myself to have better eduction. I want equal rights all over the country. I want less crime in the country. I just want everything that Conservatives messed up, FIXED. PLEASE?

First of all, thank you to the British people. Thank you to the people who have met me on train stations, in colleges, in workplaces, in schools. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, I have learned so much from you. It has been an enormous privilege. Thank you for the selfies, thank you for the support, and thank you for the most unlikely cult of the 21st century - Milifandom.
—  Ed Miliband, in his resignation speech