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All this talk about Ed is making me nostalgic. I loved Ed, he was so nice. And while I don't think he'd be any kind of threat to robron, I'd love to see him again. He was so good to Aaron.

For me, he only ever seemed like he was good/decent b/c he wasn’t around long enough for us to see his demons, you know? He was an exit plot device character, so he was never fleshed out. He was incredibly 2D out of necessity. I was bored to tears with his character AND that storyline! (This is actually the first Aaron storyline I saw!) Soooooo, I mean, I find the idea of him returning for drama a fun idea (I’m rooting for it!!), but I definitely don’t particularly care about seeing him, hahaha! Nothing against him, he just never made an impression on me. And I have a hard time with descriptions of him as “good” or “nice” or anything b/c the vast majority of the Edron relatinoship was offscreen, so it’s like ?? ? literally we have no clue. It just seems hollow to take two weeks of a relationship we saw for a character’s exit & build a monument out of it, you know~~ ?? (omg i went on a full on Ed rant in reply to you I’m sooo sorry lmfaoo i guess i had a lot of feelings about it?? haha. but! yes! just like you, i’d love to see him again for some good drama!!)