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Have any yeerks joined HYPA just so that being in the pool wouldn't be so boring?

It’s certainly a bonus. Our own Pool has very limited capacity, so most still use the official Empire Pools, but we’re working on changing that. We have had defectors whose hosts haven’t stayed with them treat it as a sort of retirement package, and chill out in our more accommodating Pool between work (which, for an unhosted yeerk, is usually some sort of data analysis, security camera monitoring, or similar computer work that can be done via direct computer inferface). 

– Edrin 986

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Hadiden sends a rushed message to Maxwell, telling him to meet in the Emerald Graves ASAP. Maxwell gets there and Harding tells him that she and Hadiden have been arguing. Maxwell goes to talk to his lover to find out why he's arguing with Harding when Hadiden quickly says, "don't get mad, let me explain." Hadiden then explains how a scouting mission led them to finding an abandoned baby and Hadiden doesn't want to part with it. The elf then asks Maxwell what to do.

When Maxwell got the message, he couldn’t rush out to the Emerald Graves fast enough. The entire ride he couldn’t help but imagine every horrible scenario play out in his head over and over and pray that his lover is alright.

As he arrives in the Emerald Graves camp, he quickly hands off the reigns to his horse he spots Scout Harding and rushes over to her. “What happened? Is everything alright? Where is Hadiden?” Maxwell asked Harding in a panic.

“Inquisitor everyone is fine. There was simply an argument between Master Lavellan and myself about how to deal with a situation. You need to talk to him.” Harding said with an irritated sigh. Maxwell’s expression changed from panicked to confused as he took in her annoyed expression. It was the first time he ever saw her with anything other than her usual cheerful demeanor. Hearing footsteps Maxwell looked up to see his lover approaching with a small bundle cradled carefully in his arms.

“Don’t get mad, let me explain.” Hadiden pleaded with a worried expression. He began to tell Maxwell how they had found an abandoned child while scouting and how they figured the child was either abandoned or the parents were dead.

“Fairbanks’s people have offered to take the child in,” Harding replied.  Hadiden clutched the child closer and narrowed his eyes at Harding before giving a pleading look to Maxwell.

“I don’t want to be parted from him Maxwell, what should I do?” Hadiden asked in a quiet voice. Maxwell sighed and rubbed his forehead as he tried to wrap his mind around the situation. The sound of babbling drew his attention, and he looked at the child in Hadiden’s arms. Maxwell reached out and gently stroked the little boy’s chubby cheek with his finger. At the touch, the little boy opened his bright eyes and looked up at Maxwell. Maxwell’s expression softened as he gazed back at the child and smiled. His attention turned to Hadiden and he held Hadiden’s gaze.

“Hadiden this is a huge responsibility, especially with our jobs. Are you certain this is what you want, Love?” Maxwell asked his elven lover seriously. Seeing Hadiden’s nod, Maxwell let out a deep sigh and turned to Scout Harding.

“Well, that decides things then. Scout Harding could you send a letter to Fairbanks and tell him that the Inquisition has decided to take in the child. I need to send a letter to Josephine and have her prepare for Skyhold’s new arrival.” Maxwell instructed her with a grin.  She seemed relieved the matter was dealt with and with a “Right away, Your Worship,” she left them to send a message. Maxwell turned his attention back to Hadiden who was positively beaming. Maxwell smiled and wrapped an arm around his lover to hold him close to his side and gazed down at the little boy.

“He’s going to need a name you know.” Maxwell murmured into Hadiden’s hair.

“I want to name him Edrin,” Hadiden told him.

“Edrin it is then. You know, when I got your message, the last thing I expected it would be about was us becoming parents.” Maxwell smiled and kissed Hadiden before reaching out his finger to Edrin. When a tiny hand captured his finger in a tight grip, Maxwell’s smile grew.

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Do you guys have any Taxxon or Taxxon-Controller members? How often do Taxxon-Controllers wish to stay with their Yeerks once provided with a stable food supply? And when a just, fair Yeerk society replaces the Empire, what role will Taxxons play in it?

We have little relationship with taxxons within our group as we do not have the resources to feed them. Taxxons ans their symbiotes who are interested in our philosophy must therefore be extremely discreet as there is no safety net for taxxons should the Empire take offense. There are rumours that the taxxons have a rebel group within the Empire, which might also have yeerk members, but we have no contact with them or any other rebel organisations.

– Edrin 986

29th Sept. Cycle from Turkish border

I’m still not confident that I will get to sleep in the spot I’ve found. It’s the first place with some potential in miles. I’ve been cycling through very exposed, bleak, ploughed earth landscape mixed with various industries, for hours. Nowhere has been ok for camping and there haven’t been any motels. There is a town 20km away but that’s too far to cycle along a motorway in the gathering dark. So, I feel lucky to have found an area of landscaping around a factory where I don’t think I’ll be seen. It’s actually the closest thing to natural landscape that I’ve seen all day, probably. It’s a very ugly, human-ravaged part of the world.

Besides the ugly landscape, the people have been the friendliest so far. I’ve had more encouraging horn toots and waves today than in the last two months combined. I spoke to two Turkish cyclists who invited me for ice cream and some men at a roadside garage gave me a coffee in their staff room. If people haven’t waved they’ve at least stared.

I passed through one interesting town, Edrine, which had a centre made up mostly of beautiful old mosques and an old Market in a similar style. There I bought a box of baclava and a bag of perfect figs, after calling Lloyds to have them grant me additional funds. Mostly though, today, I’ve been fuelled by concentrated sugar either soaked into pastry, or in sweets and ‘Pit Bull’.

The Istanbul road, that in parts of Bulgaria was barely surfaced, is now a four lane dual carriageway of fresh Tarmac. Maybe thanks to that, or maybe because the curse stopped at the Bulgarian border, I haven’t had a puncture. It is however, quite a boring route that’s been rolling over hill after hill, and the wind has been blowing directly at me.

The signs say that it’s only 120km to Istanbul which is almost walking distance. I think I could possibly get there tomorrow night but will probably split it over two days. It looks like much of tomorrow will be coastal cycling.

Still not been found but if I don’t, I’ll probably spend all night listening. There’ll probably be dogs too. Last night they licked my cooking equipment and scattered my food litter around the field, and barked a lot.

Yeerk members, please do not swim in the fish tank. Human members, please do not encourage this behavior by betting on races in the fish tank. Goldfish are nervous animals and these races are not good for their psychological wellbeing.

– Edrin 986