Tanks, August 10th, 2017. 

I moved some plants in the 29, cleaned some green algae, and added 6 tiny celestial pearl danios. Trimmed, rearranged, and replanted some stem plants in the 10a, also added some floating pennywort. The red plants in the 7 are getting redder (thank goodness!!), and I redesigned the 10b, again, this time with all the breeding stuff I’ve been using with the celestial pearls in one tank instead of all these separate boxes/small tanks. I don’t think any fry are going to appear out of the java moss or boxes at this point, but at least I have it set up for when I try again (if I can ever find the big male in the tank, who vanished since I put him back in the main tank… I see him when I scare him out, but he won’t come out on his own.) Then, I moved the emerald dwarf rasboras to the 2 gallon for a week or so to see if they’ll breed. Fingers crossed! I’m not even entirely sure I have males and females, I’m really bad with this species… I didn’t do anything new in the 5, but Eonwë did get a new almond leaf.

things i cant deal with today

- gideon was supposed to be concieved IN THE SHOP

- emilie’s last scene she filmed for s6 was “sweet” and with bobby

- emilie wants rumbelle to move to Hawaii and rumple to wear Hawaiian shirts

slowmovingsloth  asked:

Hello do you have any good resources for rune meanings and usage? I would like to involve them in a future tattoo but want to do research first.

Yes! I am going to assume you are talking about the Elder Futhark runes, because So if you are looking online:

I have more online resources but I can’t find them for the life of me now… I may add an annex onto this post later.

As far as books go, the ones that have been recommended to me/I have read that have found decent are:

  • Taking Up the Runes by Diana L. Paxson 
  • The Serpent and The Eagle: An Introduction to the Elder Runic Tradition by Chris Travers
  • Edred Thorsson’s books (they have mixed reviews, so maybe take with a grain of salt… I haven’t read them)

Hope that helps, should get you started for now!


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