things i cant deal with today

- gideon was supposed to be concieved IN THE SHOP

- emilie’s last scene she filmed for s6 was “sweet” and with bobby

- emilie wants rumbelle to move to Hawaii and rumple to wear Hawaiian shirts

slowmovingsloth  asked:

Hello do you have any good resources for rune meanings and usage? I would like to involve them in a future tattoo but want to do research first.

Yes! I am going to assume you are talking about the Elder Futhark runes, because So if you are looking online:

I have more online resources but I can’t find them for the life of me now… I may add an annex onto this post later.

As far as books go, the ones that have been recommended to me/I have read that have found decent are:

  • Taking Up the Runes by Diana L. Paxson 
  • The Serpent and The Eagle: An Introduction to the Elder Runic Tradition by Chris Travers
  • Edred Thorsson’s books (they have mixed reviews, so maybe take with a grain of salt… I haven’t read them)

Hope that helps, should get you started for now!

Belle’s Travels Double Photoshop Event

Edited to merge this post with @judymulder and @virgidearie’s. 

Belle’s… completely non-faked travelling pics from the finale have certainly caught our attention, haven’t them? So we had ideas for two similar-yet-different events we could do with them.

The First Event, from the minds of @judymulder and @virgidearie, is a homage to Emilie de Ravin and this is how they explain it: We will make a photobook for Em with lots of photos of Belle in different places around the world. The idea is that you get to have Belle in your hometown, or in a place you always wanted for Belle to go. Besides each photo we also want to include a small fic drabble related to that place (no more than half a page) or any personal message you want to write for Em. 

We will try our best to give this photobook to Em during the Happy Endings Paris Con (18-19th June). If you want to participate please send me your submission no later than Monday, June 5th to judymulderfbi@gmail.com General instructions: We are including below some transparents you can use for this (no need to know photoshop!). You basically can use these in PowerPoint adding any background you want. If you are a photoshop savvy you are welcome to use more complex manips like the ones that we already have out there (example1, example 2). 

If you are having problems with figuring out how to use the transparents or you can’t come up with something you really like, @virgidearie will take requests from you guys. Just send her the background you want to use. You can put your text inside the pic if it is small (one sentence). If it is larger than that or a drabble, please send that to me as part of your email text. @barpurplewrites is taking prompts for small drabbles. Do not forget to include your twitter and/or tumblr nickname when you send me your work. Of course, we encourage you to post your submissions, so people get an idea of what they can make. To make these posts easier to find we suggest using the tag #Belletravelstheworld Please let me know or @virgidearie if you have any questions or suggestions.

The Second Event, which could happen at the same time as the first, is more humorous and kinda aims more at making fun of the OUAT production team, though I’m sure EDR would also appreciate these pics too and can be included in the photobook if you want!

So, basically, people who want to participate create the most outrageous and obviously fake photoshop pics of Belle in her travels. And in the end we can make a category in next year’s TEAs to pic a best pic to celebrate who was the most creative/funny. This is brilliant because you don’t really need to be talented at photoshop to participate, but rather creative (though I imagine talented photoshop artists will come up with lots of great stuff). 

We post them all on twitter with the hashtag “Bellestravels” and tag A&E, ABC and so on in them. For that we’d have to pick a date (or we can make it a week, and add something of the like to the hashtag).

Anyone in?

Once s6 finale live blogging
  • It’s safe to say Fiona is a MILF
  • Belle left them? She would NEVER.
  • “Her Handsome Hero” makes a final appearance! 
  • Those are some funny ass photoshopped pictures of Belle. DUDE. 
  • “Hello there, Mummy” and SNOW’S FACE LMAOO
  • Belle is going to have to wait?! No, Henry. No. 
  • THERE SHE IS. Finally. WE HAVE BELLE. and she is hiding beside her stove. HAHAHAHAHAHHA
  • GOOD JOB RUMPLE!!! I’m so proud of him. He saves everyone and no one cares.
  • “I remember.” 
  • Belle and Rumple finally reunited and working to save their boy
  • …until she sprains her ankle.
  • I mean, can Belle be part of the action these days without some lame-ass excuse that the writers make for her to stay out of it.
  • Henry’s TLK on Emma!!! Love the callbacks to s1 (aka the best season ever)
  • Hook and Emma now work together as cops lmaooooo
  • ^^ I suppose that is inevitable since… what else can he do?
  • So Outlaw Queen?! I can dig it
  • A dance and kiss with their wedding rings back one?! THIS IS MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD GET
  • The Gold’s finally get invited to their parties. Finally. F I N A L L Y.
  • Thank you
  • But wait henry is an adult with a daughter he didn’t know he had?!??!
  • I am kind of intrigued?!
  • ^ i also have zero expectations and zero complaints now that EdR is done with the show (But do expect for me to complain about how they treat Rumple next season), thereby making it easier for me to watch.
  • Overall. The Rumbelle is perfect. I can’t believe it. They got a Happy Ending. If anyone deserved it the most, these two did. 
  • Will you accept bribes?
Rumbelle Reflections

I have a lot of feelings right now and need to get them out.

I started watching Once Upon a Time when it first came out. I was deeply intrigued by the concept and the promos looked really good, so I checked it out. I initially did not like Rumple that much but that is because he remained an enigma for quite a while. Graham was actually my favorite, and I became addicted to show after “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.” His chemistry with Emma was really interesting and it was tragic when he died. “7:15 AM” was also a good episode. It kept me intrigued with Snow and Charming’s relationship. However, it wasn’t until that beautiful day of February 12, 2012 did my life change. 

Skin Deep is the best episode of television I have ever witnessed. I was not surprised Emilie was going to be in the show. I was a fan of LOST and while Claire wasn’t my favorite character, I really thought Emilie de Ravin was so pretty and beautiful (mind you, in 2004 I was pre-teen but I still think she is so beautiful). Still, when I found out EdR was cast as Belle, and the first BTS images of her came out, my first thought was, “DAMN, she looks good as a brunette.” My second thought was, “she fits Belle in every way possible.” I was really looking forward to the episode.

Then that day came and boy, was it magical. It was so magical that when the episode ended, I was SO devastated. Luckily, Belle made appearances in “Dreamy” and the s1 finale so those saved me from going insane. After the s1 finale, I stayed away from social media for a while and went to Comic Con in July 2012. I went to the Once Upon a Time panel and “HOLY SHIT DID THEY JUST ANNOUNCE EMILIE DE RAVIN IS HERE AT THE PANEL AND SHE IS NOW A SERIES REGULAR?!?!” I freaked out. My mom was sitting next to me during this panel and she can attest to that. This news alone made me excited for the season 2. I was pretty miserable during this time with personal stuff going on, but this news gave me something to look forward to. 

Fast forward to season 2 – RUMBELLE IS A THING. They’re angsty, they’re cute… and oh, they’re separated. Again. And Again. And so on. Do not even get me started on how much I hate amnesia plot lines. Yet, I was so drawn to them both, as individuals and as a pair, because I never witnessed anything like them on television. People came and went (s/o to Ruby, Graham, Mulan, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, *cough* Lacey, etc.) but rumbelle remained.

Season 3 was a bit more eye-opening for me. It was then that I realized that Belle is not a priority for A&E. She was gone for a big chunk of the first half of the season. But by then, I was so far down the Belle/Rumbelle/Rumple rabbit hole that there was no going back. Oh and they were separated most of the season yet again (Rumple even died!?), but the silver lining was the beautiful reunion scene and the wedding that followed. Those vows were incredible.

Flash to season 4 and everything is Frozen. We get a beautiful honeymoon scene and dance. We will finally see Rumbelle as a happily married couple, right?! Not quite. First, Belle didn’t get a lot of screen time (but those Frozen characters sure did) and Rumple is lying about that stupid dagger. I did like learning about Belle’s adventures before Rumple. Then that stupid heartbreaking town line scene happened and shattered my heart into a billion pieces. Also, EMILIE AND BOBBY ARE SUCH UNDERRATED ACTORS. Belle dates Will Scarlett (can you believe this guy was a series regular? Poor guy was treated like absolute garbage) and Rumple tries to win her back. Rumple rids himself of the DO powers and now is in a coma. I hate life. 

YAY WE GET AN ENCHANTED ROSE IN SEASON 5 but Rumple is in a comatose still so it’s not that great. Still, I can dig these Belle moments and that Camelot green dress. Best episode was “The Bow and the Bear” in my opinion because of the Belle and rumbelle moments. They’re reunited and I feel hopeful yet again. No wait, I hate life again. She breaks up with him then they get back together! She’s pregnant but they get sent to the Underworld and puts herself in a sleeping curse to save her child and this is all fucking bullshit. Then she gets fucking put in Pandora’s Box and UGH. This was the time when I became so frustrated with the show that I nearly quit.

Then the dreaded season 6 came. I was dreading it because I was already so pissed off with this show. At the time I didn’t think it was going to be Emilie’s last. If I’d known, I would have savored the season more and not watch it begrudgingly. On the bright side, yay another BatB dance! On the shitty side (and there’s a lot of them), Belle won’t let Rumple see their child, their kid is kidnapped, and he returns as a fucking adult?! WHY ARE WE SO CURSED THAT WE CANNOT WITNESS RUMPLE AND BELLE RAISING A CHILD?!?!?! Anyway, they come together to save their son from the Black Fairy bitch. Rumple does the selfless thing by killing his mom and saving everyone. He and Belle get back together (officially – their wedding rings are back on!), they get baby Gideon back, and they finally get invited to the Swan-Mill’s family party. 

It was a painful journey, but we finally got a happy ending. Would I go through it all again? Absolutely. 



Pour rappel l'ère du repos, c'est un ensemble de « prose d'anticipation » qui se situe dans un futur à moyenne échéance, avec une société divisée entre des groupes nomades qui parcourent le paysage, et des sédentaires qui se sont réapproprié nos grandes cités et qui y cultivent la terre. Il est également à noter que toute notion d'état a disparu, remplacée par des « aires linguistiques » aux contours relativement flous. Ceci étant aidé par le nomadisme d'une grande partie de la population et par la survivance, dans une certaine mesure, des technologies de communication du début du XXIème siècle. J'ai commencé cet ensemble en 2011-2012 par le cycle principal composé de 4 textes, aidés par des textes beaucoup plus courts souvent écrit à l'occasion de performances. Le premier cycle est clos, mais je continue à écrire sur les thèmes de l'ère du repos, avec peut-être une envie d'embrayer sur un nouveau cycle.
Il n'y a pas de personnages principaux et secondaires, la plupart des gens qui apparaissent ont leur temps de présence, l'occasion de raconter leur propre histoire, avant de laisser la parole à d'autres.

Je propose donc :

-4 volumes principaux de l'ère du repos : 15 € et 3,70 de frais de port ;
Les quatre textes principaux s'intitulent : Chasseurs d'Escargots, Lealowkow, La Machine de Langage et Temps Jaune, Temps Bleu. Normalement je les vends ensemble mais on peut imaginer des ecxeptions !

-histoires courtes de l'ère du repos : 2 € le volume et 1,50 de frais de port ;
Dont les titres sont : Je Comprends ce que tu Dis, SeulS Autour du Feu, D'Autant Plus -Fragments pour Soigner Berr, Nounou du Nord, J'aimerai que ça ne se termine pas comme ça, et Le Nord du Château.


Parallèlement je suis en train de réfléchir à d'autres formes de diffusion non-imprimées (ou en tout cas pas dans un premier temps), de manière périodique et ça s'intitulera Fragments de Douleur (titre pas définitif), peut-être dans une forme plus versifiée (un peu comme des paroles de chanson). On peut imaginer un abonnement autour de 1 ou 2 euro le numéro, livré en pdf, avec des dessins, blablablabla.

Et pour finir, l'autre projet c'est les contes (je fais une pause là mais je vais reprendre bientôt), intitulé « Conte de la Nounou du Nord à sa Fi-Fille ».

Je prends les virements et paypal, je ship partout dans le monde.
MERCIII et pensez à rebloguer si vous voulez!

Belle Travels The World: THANK YOU

My very dear Fandom and especially @judymulder and @virgidearie,

I think it is very special that you went to the effort to thank EDR for her incredible work. I cannot believe the amazing travel-log that’s come out of this little endeavor. I’ve had so many smiles over the past few weeks about this and it has been so cool to see neat places around the world I never knew about.

It’s nice to see the art and beauty all over the world that people have created to make each other happy. I mean, I saw some really cool art in places I’d never have known about. And I saw some really goofy stuff too, which is marvelous and I snickered (thanks @thestraggletag for that!).

@judymulder your willingness to work for this fandom, to go out of your way and spend your precious time and resources for us and for EDR is exceptional. I submit you now for the 2018 TEAs Lifetime Achievement award, or was it the Fandom Service award? I have a terrible memory… whichever it is, we need to recognize this for what it is: selfless commitment to the happiness of others and toward building our Rumbelle community.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event, whether you reblogged the photos, did some manipulations yourself or helped others with their work. I’m really proud of this fandom, we are a great community of highly decent people. I’m proud to be a part of this.

Go look at the tag #Belletravelstheworld and smile away because wow, we are amazing!