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Hey - my mum has some old necklaces of these one and I was wondering if they were real symbols and, if so, what are they? Thanks :) (can be found at (/a/vt3C0 and /a/3O52A on imgur)

After 2 decades (the 1970s and 80s) of interest and writing on the subjects of heathenry and runology, including Asatru, Odinism and the Troth, Steven Flowers wrote his first book “The Galdrabók” that brought Galdrastafir to his many fans. While a lot of the stave content was based on fact, much of the rest was heavily biased in heathenry and the staves he wrote about and showed were in several cases flawed or contained translation errors.

By 1992 he had changed his name to Edred Thorsson and began dabbling in creating his own staves, which he shows and discusses in detail in Chapter 8 of his book “Northern Magic ”.  It has an even mix of his own and pre-existing staves. The pre-existing ones he duplicated from his earlier book, which in turn have their origins in the Huld Manuscript (which you can easily look up my translation of).

The two you refer to have been recopied from his book as follows:

(To paraphrase) Helm of Awe - to enhance powers when casting other magic

(To paraphrase) a bind-rune for great personal power or life force.

These and most of the others you can see graphically recreated by Tisha Ardis on https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/vector-set-ancient-runes-iceland-galdrastafir-497113015

So, to answer your question, yes, they are real. They do compare favourably with the traditional Galdrastafir of Iceland circa 1600 - 1700 AD. However, they were created in the modern heathen revival period of the late 20th century, by what I can only describe as a polarising and controversial practitioner.

Casual French


Here are some words that you wouldn’t learn in the classroom:

Bouffer/La bouffe - to eat/food

J’ai bouffé tout la bouffe que j’ai eu. -> I ate all the food I had.

MDR - LOL (literally means morte de rire)

Ma mère pense que je suis parfait. MDR. -> My mom thinks I’m perfect. LOL.

D’acc - Ok. (Shorthand for D’accord. Mostly used in text)

Viens chez moi pour le déjeuner, d’acc? -> Come to my house for lunch, ok?

Oh mon dieu - Oh my god.

“J’ai entendu que Therèse est morte.”

“Oh mon dieu!” ->

“I heard that Theresa died.”

“Oh my god!”

Comme çi comme ça -> So so (A response for “How are you”) …. I wanted to specifically point this one out. This phrase is in every text book I have ever seen but it is so rarely used. Please do not use this especially in a familiar setting.

Vachement - really/freaking

J’ai vachement faim -> I’m really hungry.

With all of these phrases it’s important to note that these are not for formal settings. Friends and people like friends are good to use these with.

I could have included more but there are so many that I’ll leave this for now. I’ll post another slang one soon.

À bientôt!

A discussion on resources

Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who has felt I’ve given them incorrect information concerning researching runes. I can only speak from what I know and I’ve studied, which is what I did. Then, when others offered a dissenting voice, I also included those because this is a blog for my personal journey with the runes, and more information is always good. The two people who gave alternative rune books have studied historical runology (well, I know for sure one has in an academic setting, the other at least seems very passionate about historical accuracy). I was recommended the books I posted by people who have studied the runes for decades. People I very much have (and still will) look to concerning insights into working with the runes. Thorsson, Aswynn, Paxson, and others have been a big part of revitalizing northern paganism in today’s world, and so I’d almost guarantee that any/most people who are rune workers (speaking divination) have read their works.

Now, the historical runology camp may cringe at the rest of what I have to say, but I’m going to say it anyway. 

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Ahhh..did you see the tvline article about the network entering megotiations with RC, LP, Collin, and JM...but no action has been taken in regards to EdR, Henry, and Snowing's contract?, and they keep saying "complete reset" ...What does tha mean?! Im freaking out a little about rum with no belle.

I did see that, but I’m not worried.  Firstly, Emilie probably is still under contract, anyway - she didn’t sign on as a regular until season 2.  And even if she isn’t, they probably want to wait until they know if Bobby signs on for season 7 before they talk to her about it.

The term “complete reset” seems to be over-hyped right now.  Adam said on twitter that it won’t be a complete reset and won’t change everything, so I’m guessing that we’re looking at a flash forward and then some characters coming back in time to try to change something terrible.  That’s just a guess, but it’s the best I’ve got.

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Benim de unutamadığım bir baran vardı her an her saniye aklımda olan artık her gece Allah a dua edr olmuştum nolur o ve ona dair herşeyi unutayım diye oldu galiba başardım ama onun açtığı yara hala zor iyileşiyor belkide bana güçlü durmamı sağlayan yaradır (neyse işte baran ismi bende hep acıdır. Sana bir kere daha yazmıştım şuan bile görünce kötü hissettim. Dünya güneşe uzak ama güneş onunla hep yoksa o olmasa ne yapar demi tanımıyorum seni ama iyi bir insan gibisin kendine iyi bak ✋🏼)

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