Active ways to cultivate positive body image:

(Because oh my god, it’s so hard, and everyone’s all like stop feeling so bad about yourself and it’s like how???) 

  • Be naked. A lot. Sleep naked. Have sex naked. Eat cereal naked. (Or naked and wrapped in a sheet. Favorite thing.) 
  • Follow beautiful, confident, (un-photoshopped) body-positive babes on the Internet. Unfollow anything that makes you feel insecure. Exposure is key. You’re not going to get it if you don’t seek it out, because the media sucks and wants us to feel like shit about ourselves so they can take our money. (Some hashtags to follow: #effyourbeautystandards #bootyrevolution #blackisbeautiful #transisbeautiful #wheelchairlife #fatkini #fatshion)
  • Lingerie. Next best thing to being naked. 
  • Self care, babe. Different for everyone. (Me? Showers, books, shaving my legs, nature walks, dark lipstick, good playlists, clean rooms, candles, sexy time.) 
  • Get ready in your underwear. Boobs = happiness. 
  • Self portraits. Be pro-selfie. Take a million selfies. Take sexy selfies. Take no makeup selfies. Take bad angle silly selfies. Take artsy tripod selfies. Take everything-is-on-point selfies. You’re gorgeous; document your gorgeousness. You don’t even need to post them. 
  • Stop with the self deprecationnnnn. Pleeeeaseeee. It’s hard to control your thoughts love, I know, but you can control what you say. NEVER insult yourself out loud. Dare I say compliment yourself out loud? (And if you can, do your best to try to body-positive-ify your thoughts too.) 
  • Sex (including solo sexy time), wine, and chocolate. In that order. 
  • Share the body love. Compliment your girlfriends. Cultivate a nonjudgemental, supportive, lift-each-other-up “we’re so cute” friend group. Everyone’s insecure. Compliment your besties. And strangers, too. Be that person that makes everyone feel good about themselves when they’re around. 

Good luck gorgeous. It’s a battle. We gotta unlearn all this societal bullshit.

Someday I hope I can eat my mothers cooking without automatically counting the calories in my head.

Someday I hope I can go to the bathroom and not lift up my shirt to see how my stomach looks.

Someday I hope I can have a piece of cake and not worry about it. 

Someday I hope I can order whatever I want off the menu, not because it looks healthy, but because I want it.

Someday I hope i can stop comparing myself to others.

Someday I am going to be okay.

I know I am slowly getting there.

Eating disorders are NOT all about food and weight and body image. They are associated yes, but not exactly… I wish so desperately that people would stop blaming eating disorders on vanity, looks or insecurity. They are ever entrancing mental illnesses that often stem from an inability to communicate pain, discomfort or rejection. Eating disorders don’t just develop because you want to ‘lose a few pounds, or because you eat too much or you purge sometimes’, they develop because you are seeking a way in which to disappear, to numb, to disconnect. Recovery does not happen by fixating on this idea of loving yourself whole-heartedly, every day, 24/7; but by being able to live DESPITE not liking yourself. Living despite the obsessions and maladaptive coping mechanisms and decades of unlearning habits and behaviors. Eating disorders are the only disease in which the posion AND the cure are within the same person fighting the disease in the first place.
—  I Am My Own Cure (Gracie Mandel)
I always thought that being healthy meant going to the gym everyday and eating salad for dinner. It’s so far from that though. Being healthy is having sugary cereal one morning and buckwheat flax seed pancakes the next. It’s going to the gym because you want to move your body and napping for 3 hours because your bed is just that comfy. To be healthy means to love your body and all its imperfections. To love your body means to nourish it and to give it exactly what it wants (even if that’s making brownies at 3am).
—  healing and becoming healthy is a long process but I think I can finally say I’m getting there.

Guys be happy with yourself it’s so important. I know there are days when you hate your body. But remember your not going to have abs everyday and your not always going to be the same weight. Who gives a shit if you gain weight because you go out with your friends all the time and eat chocolate late at night. Continue making those memories because your fitness goals are not worth your happiness.

recovery isn’t about fitness
recovery isnt about gaining back all the weight in muscle
recovery isnt lifting, running, yoga, journalling, pint parties, #strongnotskinny, or a million and one gym selfies
recovery isnt about your lowest weight or the amount of time you spend in treatment
recovery is about coping
recovery is about learning 
and if you genuinely love how strong you feel when you hit a pr, if yoga brings you close to your body in the least painful way possible, if fear food fridays help you expand you diet and become healthy, babe fucking go for it
but if you low weight was still “healthy”, if you like pop tarts for breakfast and real ice cream instead of “nice cream”, if you want to keep eating meat, if you really like doing puzzles all day, if the only way to stay afloat amongst the raging storm of the ed thoughts is to stay in bed and watch netflix, im here for you. if you have a soft tummy and no butt and lots of thigh without a quad in sight, youre fucking gorgeous, and im here for you. if egg white oatmeal and protein pancakes arent your jam, im here for you. im here for the people whose recovery isnt pretty. im here for the people who messy cry over an apple, im here for the people who have pizza and fries for dinner, im here for the people who went above their pre ed weight, im here for the people who feel like they recovered “wrong” because they never went to treatment, because their “team” was a gp and his scale. im here for the people who didnt recover on instagram, im here for the people who didnt come out of their recoveries a warrior, or a soldier, or a fighter. im here for the people who just let themselves be themselves. im here for the people who arent recovering yet, im here for the people who struggle to make that choice, and im here for the people who walk the line between relapse and recovery.

may we raise all of you, may you all find peace, and may social media stop with the fucking bullshit

Not eating is easy. You want to starve yourself to prove you have control but doing that makes you weak, it makes her…him…it, have control. Choose to eat to fuel your body. Choose to workout to make it become healthier and more capable. Choose the harder path because you don’t want to live a half assed version of life. Make ana go away and never come back. Choose to be strong.