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Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who has felt I’ve given them incorrect information concerning researching runes. I can only speak from what I know and I’ve studied, which is what I did. Then, when others offered a dissenting voice, I also included those because this is a blog for my personal journey with the runes, and more information is always good. The two people who gave alternative rune books have studied historical runology (well, I know for sure one has in an academic setting, the other at least seems very passionate about historical accuracy). I was recommended the books I posted by people who have studied the runes for decades. People I very much have (and still will) look to concerning insights into working with the runes. Thorsson, Aswynn, Paxson, and others have been a big part of revitalizing northern paganism in today’s world, and so I’d almost guarantee that any/most people who are rune workers (speaking divination) have read their works.

Now, the historical runology camp may cringe at the rest of what I have to say, but I’m going to say it anyway. 

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Casual French


Here are some words that you wouldn’t learn in the classroom:

Bouffer/La bouffe - to eat/food

J’ai bouffé tout la bouffe que j’ai eu. -> I ate all the food I had.

MDR - LOL (literally means morte de rire)

Ma mère pense que je suis parfait. MDR. -> My mom thinks I’m perfect. LOL.

D’acc - Ok. (Shorthand for D’accord. Mostly used in text)

Viens chez moi pour le déjeuner, d’acc? -> Come to my house for lunch, ok?

Oh mon dieu - Oh my god.

“J’ai entendu que Therèse est morte.”

“Oh mon dieu!” ->

“I heard that Theresa died.”

“Oh my god!”

Comme çi comme ça -> So so (A response for “How are you”) …. I wanted to specifically point this one out. This phrase is in every text book I have ever seen but it is so rarely used. Please do not use this especially in a familiar setting.

Vachement - really/freaking

J’ai vachement faim -> I’m really hungry.

With all of these phrases it’s important to note that these are not for formal settings. Friends and people like friends are good to use these with.

I could have included more but there are so many that I’ll leave this for now. I’ll post another slang one soon.

À bientôt!

Doesn’t it seem like the day to say thank you? Rumbelle’s 5th

I dunno, I keep having thoughts today like maybe we should tweet RC, EDR and Jane Espenson to let them know that this still matters to us 5 years later. Is this a thing we should do?

Didn’t we all open the door to Skin Deep not knowing what we’d find and come out the other side better for it? Maybe add Adam to the thank you list.

Who’s with me? Should we trend a thank you on Twitter today?

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure how I feel about the announcement that OUAT will have an hour long musical episode... (in the article there was no mention of RC and EdR being in this musical portion of the episode)...This also kind of makes me feel that this actually might be the last season of OUAT. You know squeezing in everything they wanted to do with the show b4 it ends.

I’m starting to think this will be the last season, too, and it really feels like a waste to do a musical episode.  Whatever it is, it’s going to be crack (even if it’s plot-driven crack), and it’s going to take an hour away from whatever our final story is.

I’ll watch it with bemused pessimism, of course, but I’m definitely not excited about this.