From ebay: Trek 8300 carbon

Frame & Fork
Frame Construction - Lugged carbon fiber
Frame Tubing Material - Trek ATB carbon composite w/Spectra
Fork Brand & Model - MARZOCCHI
Fork Material - ALUMINIUM
Rear Shock - ew no

Component Group - Suntour XC Expert Microdrive
Brakeset - Suntour XC Expert low profile cantilevers, XC Comp levers brakes, levers
Shift Levers - Suntour XC Expert thumbshifters
Front Derailleur - Suntour XC Comp MicroDrive
Rear Derailleur - Suntour XC Comp MicroDrive
Crankset - Suntour XC Comp Microdrive, 20/32/42 teeth
Pedals - shimano
Bottom Bracket
BB Shell Width
Rear Cogs - 8-speed, 11 - 28 teeth
Chain - Suntour CH-AP11
Seatpost - Trek System 2 micro-adjust 6061 T6 aluminum
Saddle - Trek System 2 wide racing, synthetic leather
Handlebar - Trek System 3 alloy 6061 T6 22"/150gm
Handlebar Extensions - EDR
Handlebar Stem - Trek System 2 TIG CroMoly direct connect
Headset - TIOGA

Hubs - Suntour XC Expert
Rims - Trek/Matrix Single Track Pro, 36-hole
Tires - 26 x 2.00" IRC

The Runecaster’s Handbook : The Well of Wyrd by Edred Thorsson

How much is it?: This book is $12.27

What is it?: “This complete guide shows you how to: make your own runes; load the rune with harmonious power; prepare the optimum setting for a rune reading. Includes general rune meanings, divination tables, the positive and negative aspects of each rune, itslinguistic component and phonetic value, runic layouts, and sample readings.” Paperback and 144 pages

Seller and Site Used?: Book Depository

International Shipping?: Yep, worldwide!

Anything else?: Oh yeah, free shipping worldwide~

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anonymous asked:

I know you hate RC, but do you also hate EDR? And do you make fun of RC's looks because you think he's a fug or because it ticks off his fans?

Wow, there Plumpy (or are you Clowny?), nice attempt at setting a trap, but #fail.

I don’t “hate” RC and have never claimed to. I think he’s overrated, has a propensity for scenery chewing, particularly on OUaT, and frequently demonstrates behavior that is both unprofessional and indicative of someone believing his erroneous, (very) old press….but I don’t hate him. 

Similarly, I don’t “hate” EDR, I just think she’s a dreadful actress and comes across as fairly dimwitted IRL, as well as the character she plays….

But that doesn’t mean either of them are bad people. 

Since IDGAF what his fans think of myself or my opinions, I think I’ve answered your other question.

 BTW, he isn’t “fug”, though he also isn’t handsome, which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with. However, I do think he looks waaaayyyy older than his 55, more like 65…..and I don’t “make fun” of his looks, I merely point out A) his hair is NOT “floofy”, it’s a rare combination of baby fine, flyaway dry—-but also extremely greasy. B) that he generally attends OUaT events looking like an unmade bed, which further supports my opinion given above.

But hey, if what makes your panties wet is some guy who looks ridden hard, put away wet, can’t bother himself to be available to his largest fan base and overacts, that’s your problem, now isn’t it? Cause, again, IDGAF.

So all of that having been said—WTF do you care? And why are you asking?