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any thoughts on the new comic apparently having am.edot evidence? all ive seen is peri looking very uncomfortable/overall not happy next to ame, and either steven or ame calling her cute

It’s the usual straw-clutching nonsense, basically.

I answered a similar ask about this earlier, but to reiterate: it’s following the show, by which I mean there’s literally no romance whatsoever between them lol.

I mean…

…this is that sisterly dynamic again - Ame (older sister) teasing Peri (younger sister).  Heck, they’re even pretending that Peri’s a literal child here…

And look how happy Peri is to be pushed into doing something that she doesn’t really want to do, only to get laughed at afterwards!  So romantic~ uwu

Apologies for the sarcasm/rippping into this ship - I totally respect people’s right to ship whatever they want (and I have no problem with the majority of A//med/o//t shippers) but I hate the ship itself when it’s being labelled as “romantic”, for so many different reasons that I physically can’t even begin to list them all here :/  Just… no.  Sorry, but no.