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I thought Syrians were Mizrahi?

Syria has had both Musta'arab and Spanish (non-Musta'arab) Jewish communities. Mizrahi as an ethnic descriptor is a recent Israeli term that Ashkenazim used to refer to the “Eastern” Jews, and while many people use it nowadays, a greater number of people are against it for reasons concerning Orientalism. 

One of the best and concise explanations — in the form of a rant, mind you — I’ve seen out there to explain why Jews who are not of S&P background (the traditional Sepharadim, i.e. ethnically speaking) might call themselves Sepharadi has been written by Ra'hmiel Travitz (who himself is half Iraqi and half Ashkenazi): 

“Due to many recent (rather ignorant, IMHO) posts on the subject, there is a need to once again explain why the term “Sepharadi” does NOT refer to people descending from Jews from the Iberian Peninsula and why it is not an ethnic term.

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So, I take it you don't ship Amedot or Pearlapis by any chance? :o

tbh i don’t really mind about ships, if it has cute and pretty fanart i like it, am//edot actually has really cool and funny fanarts and pea//rlapis ones are so pretty and bright~!

i’m not into ship wars