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The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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Austroraptor cabazai

By Fred Wierum, CC BY-SA 4.0

Name: Austroraptor cabazai 

Name Meaning: Southern Thief 

First Described: 2008

Described By: Novas

ClassificationDinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Theropoda, Neotheropoda, Averostra, Tetanurae, Orionides, Avetheropoda, Coelurosauria, Tyrannoraptora, Maniraptoriformes, Maniraptora, Pennaraptora, Paraves, Eumaniraptora, Dromaeosauroidea, Dromaeosauridae, Unelagiinae 

Austroraptor was a fairly large species of raptor from the Bajo de Santa Rosa locality of the Allen Formation, in Río Negro, Argentina. It lived in the Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous, about 70 million years ago. It actually is on the upper end of dromaeosaurid size, growing up to 5 meters long and 1.5 meters tall. Only Achillobator, Dakotaraptor and Utahraptor approach its length. It is also the largest dromaeosaur found in the Southern Hemisphere. Its known from a partial skull fragment and partial skeletal remains. It had relatively short front limbs, similar to Tianyuraptor and Mahakala. It had conical, non-serrated teeth like spinosaurids. It had a long, narrowing skull, rather than a box like one like most dromaeosaurids. This indicates that it possibly was a fish eater, given that similar adaptations have been found in Spinosaurids. It lived alongside many early mammals, pterosaurs and the titanosaurids Saltasaurus and Rocasaurus.



Shout out goes to edorable-ginger!

New Years (Eve) Meme~

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • Has to convince the other(s) to go to a party/leave the house
  • Drinks too much and has to be driven home
  • Makes a bunch of resolutions (do they keep them?)
  • Gets drunk quicker
  • Is scared to open the champagne bottle/passes it to the other(s)
  • Initiates kissing the other(s) at midnight
  • Is distracted watching football
  • Wishes there wasn’t such a big fuss over it all
  • Wants to clean the whole house
  • Goes a little overboard with confetti
  • Makes a cheesy toast
  • Goes to bed early

etsy find of the day | CURATION BLITZ 1 | 1.24.14

requested by: rustic-romantic
looking for: shops selling cool, fun bridesmaid necklace gifts

FEATURED: so i know i’ve featured this ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ tulle pom necklace by pamelaloops in the past, but i think it’s the perfect fun 'n girly gift for your varied ladies. available in several candy-hued colors.

other shop ideas:

  • sth234 has all kinds of statement necklaces, including j.crew-inspired bubble necklaces in many hues
  • arkpearl also sells bubble necklace pieces, plus lots of chunky crystal necklaces like this crazy-sparkly bib and this autumn-tone floral necklace
  • payless4fab’s necklaces are super cute AND super affordable. some even come with matching earrings!
  • megjewelry4u - blingy and modern
  • allthingstinsel - crazy sparkles
  • somethingjeweled - more traditional styles, but still gorgeous
  • tzunuum - unique, bohemian, edgy and head-turning
  • bayila - frequently featured on EFOTD for statement necklaces

two lacy jewelry shops:

and some more everyday ideas:

  • seaandcake - minimalistic and feminine jewelry
  • edor - everyday yet special; they will surely wear again

thoughts, rustic-romantic? let me know if i can do any more hunting for ya!


Me he quedado vacía. 
Anoche me desperté de madrugada sola y acompañada y me sentí vacía. Busqué entre sábanas, bajo la cama y tras la almohada pero no estaban, mi interior se había escapado dejándome vacía tirada en una cama. Seguro saldrían por la ventana que han dejado abierta y con ese triste edor a nostalgia. Desde anoche estoy sentada en mi cama sin palabras sueltas, sin vida, sin luna que mirar y sin estrellas que guíen. Desde anoche estoy vacía tirada sobre el colchón esperando algo? Tal vez nada.
—  Invicta Verba

applewjacks  asked:

Hi Kristin, I've actually made some Etsy purchases based on your curations. Always give you credit for the find when communicating with the seller :) Love following your blog. For some reason I can't get the SAPPHIRE-LUCKY-NUMBER-3-NECKLACE by Aili featured on Of a Kind off my mind. I'm hoping you can help me find something similar involving sapphires (my birthstone). Key elements would be small, unusual, gold, and with sapphire(s). Andrea

hi andrea! that is so AWESOME! what did you end up getting? let me know, i’d love to hear.

i had to look up the specific sapphire necklace from ‘of a kind’ – for the followers that aren’t familiar, here it is. love it.

ok, so i found a few small, interesting gold-and-blue necklaces for you to check out … what do you think of these?

and here are all of my previous 'sapphire’ posts from EFOTD in case it gives you any inspiration!! let me know if you need more help :)


ps: here’s that sweet edor locket with the blue gem:

Okay so I recently hit 10k followers and I’m so freaking happy,thank you all so much! And I decided to make a follow forever,so here are my favorite blogs aka all the blogs that I follow aka this is a blogroll basically haha. 

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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week curation | 6.16.15

curation request: bridesmaid gifts under $35
category: jewelry — delicate, classic finds that can be worn every day
featured items:

  • simple crown ring in sterling silver by laonato
  • curved bar silver arc necklace by edor


hello! my blog recently (sept 16th if thats recent) turned 4! ive had such an amazing experience in the ed fandom on here and i wouldnt trade the people i have met for the world everyone is just so amazing. ive made so many great memories on here over the last 4 years and i cant wait to make more with the next years to come :-) here are amazing people that i love and will forever follow (haha) p.s. sorry if ur not on the list, i love you! (header is my pic lol)


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Hey lovelies so recently I hit my goal of 1k followers so I decided to gather some of my favorite blogs together and do a little follow forever thing. I just wanna say thank you to everyone who follows my blog (its crazy that people actually like it like woah). Sorry if I missed anyone but even if I did just know that all of you have wonderful, wonderful blogs.

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this is just my small way of saying thank you. i know i’m not always very active real life can get in the way. i have enjoyed making gifs/gifsets/picspams the last few years and hope i continue to find time. i really have no words to express how grateful i am. this blog is just a fragment of everything i love, there’s always just so much.


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