edniz  asked:

Thank you for drawing the sweet LeorioxKurapika comic! My eyes got literally teary. Please draw some more in the future!

Hi! I’m sorry that it made you teary-eyed, hopefully it was in a good way? *hands tissues* ;;

I love leorio x kurapika a little bit too much and I definitely plan to make more as soon as I have the time <3

I get anon messages which are telling me how they like my art, which makes me really happy. Though I don’t answer them because I don’t like posting each of them on my page. For asks which I believe that might concern other people or that I simply want to share with people, I post stuff on my page anyway but not every message gets there. I kinda feel bad about leaving them at my inbox without a reply. When the message is not anon, I can answer privately, and I definitely will so if you have anything to say or ask me, I would be glad to have non-anon messages if possible.
Ah and also, I must say, I really like talking to people but I don’t really have the chance since so few writes to me on tumblr. So, if you ever wanna talk, don’t hesitate.