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Why do you love ed?

You’d think this message would be simplistic, and quick to answer; yet this topic seems to be more perplex than that, to me.

Maybe it’s his childish yet mature way of being, his personality radiating: general love, care and sincerity. Maybe it’s how he carries, him self, perfectly normal, and humble.

From his voice, to various body art and beautifully sculpted features, are not only what feed the addiction of infatuation to my ears, and eyes, but as well as my soul.

I have to admit, his voice is what drawn me to him, simply craving more of the majestic sound, to which i fulfilled.

But as well as his lively struggles. Getting to be educated more about him, I immediately almost caught a bond between us two, that brought me to be so attracted to him, not his music, but him.

Being that I have my very own struggles, and as a human, everyone has a story, but his laid in comparison. To know that someone could go through something similar, if not worse, and to continue to carry on his dream, humble personality, and quirkiness, was the initial beginning to the profound love I’m indulged in today.

Getting to become accustomed to his sarcastic, loving, humorous, and respective ways of being only made me fall harder.

As well as his fire coloured hair, and endless nights of explanations of body art, quenches my attraction, since it contains merely every thing I could want in a significant other.

But, there’s just something about Ed, that I just can’t help but be intrigued by. His warming smile holds happiness, and utter achievement, but his eyes glaze with a history i’m determined to figure out.

Whether it be you could find someone with various of the same qualities, I don’t want any other, but him.

And being the very, VERY possessive person I am, I will not be finished until the man is mine. And only mine.

Ed Sheeran isn’t “Ed Sheeran the ginger guy with the amazing irreplaceable voice,” to me. 

Ed Sheeran is my everything; my entire world at that.

Fame, talent, money, mean the least to me.

So Why do I love Edward, you ask?

Simply because Ed has single handedly captured my mind, body, and soul by being himself.

#5 I regret everything. - Anyone.

A/N: This can honestly be with who-ever you fancy. I wrote it for Aneesa, my main boo lmao, but imagine who-ever you want.

“I told you I was sorry!” he yelled. He stopped in his tracks, right in front of her. Starred right into her eyes who were filled with both anger and sadness. “I’m sorry..” he breathed. She just stood there and looked at him. That had been the last straw and he knew it. He had crossed a line in a chat of friendly banter, but had went to far. And he knew it from second the words escaped his lips. He regretted them in that instant moment. She was completely silenced. No words being said, just heavy breathing and tears escaping her pretty orbs. Those eyes sucked all the life out of him. The one person that meant the world to him. He had ruined it all in less than thirty seconds. Thirty seconds and stupid meaningless words was all it took. But it wasn’t easy being with her. She was hard to read. That was the initial reason he had been intimidated yet intrigued by her. She had that mysterious vibe about her. If she opened up to you, you knew you had made an impact on her. And she had indeed opened up to him. He had talked to her night after night, trying to help her with whatever she needed help with, but he never felt as it was enough. She could go from lazy in choice of words, to using the most advanced vocabulary he had ever heard. He felt enchanted listening to her. But she had never been easy. It was hard to see where her limits were, and how much she could take. It wasn’t like with other people - easy as open books to read. No. This one was something special. And that was what drew him to her. He snapped out of his blur of thoughts, and looked directly into her eyes. He knew she needed time to calm down and recover. He just hoped that when this was all over, she would forgive him and give him the same loving smiles as before. He obviosuly never meant and wanted to hurt her. He enjoyed getting her fired up, and seeing her use her fancy words and all that. But it was never supposed to be more than friendly banter. But he knew, the second he brought personal stuff into it, he had gotten to far. And he wished nothing more than to take it all back, or at least make her understand that he never would want to hurt her intentionally.

She looked at him, and walked right passed his shoulder and out the door.