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so uh Tales of Zestiria is currently on sale for $8 (normally $50 holy shit) and

you should totally get it because this game is beautiful and the characters are lovely and sincere and complex, the main protags are genuinely kind, and holy crap female characters who aren’t love interests and have their own lives and are badass and important

also: the most prominent relationship is two male childhood friends who love each other unabashedly and it’s just so sweet and pure (like it’s debatable there’s romance there, it could be taken either way without stretching it. at all.)

Tales of Zestiria the X episode 7

Aka, I take way too many pictures of Mikleo.

I mean–

Anyways, I feel it’s a bit too late for a ‘my thoughts’ post, but The entire episode was enjoyable to watch and we got another sormik touch™. While I would like to say that I wanted to see a make up break up arc with this, Mikleo and Sorey going for different goals right now also satisfies me.

Also can we talk about Edna showing up during the skit I mean:

“Eel-Grass” - Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950)

No matter what I say,
   All that I really love
is the rain that flattens on the bay,
   And the eel-grass in the cove;
The jingle-shells that lie and bleach
   At the tide-line, and the trace
Of higher tides along the beach:
   Nothing in this place.

View of the Beach at Beverly, Massachusetts, John Frederick Kensett, 1860


※ 以下、ネタバレは書いていないつもりですがクリア後の感想ですのでご注意ください。

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PTキャラクターたちの絶妙な距離感とPT内における見事な立ち位置分担、ベルベットの意志のぶれなさ、ライフィセットの成長、ロクロウの豪傑さと潔さ、アイゼンのかっこかわいさ、エレノアの強さと弱さとやさしさ、マギルゥのマギンプイの裏の思惑、戦闘の面白さ(今までで一番好きかもしれない)、ストーリーの気持ちよさ、サブイベントの充実さ・・ どれをとっても爽快で一気にプレイしました。 多少強引な展開があったかな~と感じるところもありましたがゲームや漫画はそれくらいの勢いがあった方が好きです。ご都合主義でも登場人物が強い心で想いを叫ぶ熱い展開が好きです。

個人的にゼスティリアのときに辛い展開があったところ、その話の流れに逆らってキャラクターの誰かに言ってほしかったこと(たとえ叶わなくても言ってほしかった)をBで叫んでくれた子がいたことでスカッとしましてね… 繋がった世界でそういうことを言う子がいてくれて良かったです。いや~本当に面白かった・・・PTメンバーのバランスが良すぎる・・・テイルズが好きで良かった!

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me: *takes a deep breath*
me: i lo-
anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Sorey, we know, you love Sorey so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Sorey, we KNOW, you love Sorey you fucking love Sorey ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE SOREY. WE GET IT.