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Mikleo’s confidence

So, we all know that by the time Sorey awakens (however many centuries it may be but I’ll talk about this later on) Mikleo’s appearance significantly changes. Which, by any means should come normally to us, but I’ve been thinking about the parallel between him and Edna.

I know this may seem a little bit strange but hear me out.

From the point Edna lost Eizen to malevolence she hasn’t changed a bit. There are hints how Edna may looked in Berseria (*spoilers* when Eizen’s party encounter Legend Wyvern for example), so from that we know Edna already looked like the Zesty Edna by then. Which brings us to a question:

Is this form of Edna is her adult form or does she look like this because after Berseria Eizen becomes a dragon and she doesn’t want to let him go? Even though she may as well be thousands of years old?

More under the cut ^^ (will contain spoilers for the end-game)

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Can u draw Adrien agreste as hawkmoth

@snowybowey this was fun tbh, i took some liberties with the design tho, hope that was ok.

also tagging @thescuttlebugg because i liked their kwami swap au and may or may not have more sketches about said au

Seraphim and Natural Disasters

So, I’ve been thinking lately how Seraphim might react to natural disasters.  On the one hand, if a natural disaster threatened humans or settlements, I am certain they would be called upon for aid, and most likely would be willing.  Something of that magnitude could cost a lot of lives, and create a lot of malevolence.

On the other hand, if a natural disaster occurred somewhere that it would not cause damage to human settlements (and was truly naturally occurring, not brought about by malevolence) I’m not sure a seraph would see it as inherently bad.  After all, things like forest fires renew the forests, and earthquakes and volcanoes reshape the land.  As well, would a being who is much more an elemental force than not view other forces of nature as malicious?  More likely, I think they might be fascinated, to watch their elements in motion on such a scale and intensity.

Thus, imagine:

- Lailah walking through forest fires as they burn, flames licking at the edges of her dress
- Edna knowing impending earthquakes in her boots, and then dropping to the ground on her back in glee so she can feel the earth’s breath under her fingertips and spine
- Lailah and Edna observing volcanic eruptions together, and then having fun (rather at Lailah’s insistence) using their combined artes to shape wonderful patterns in the lava flows
- Dezel and Zaveid tracing the warm and cold air currents that form tornadoes to their collision, and then riding the violent winds like some kind of massive birds of prey
- Mikleo standing in the path of avalanches and tidal waves, enclosed in a bubble of his artes, so he can watch and study the ways the water and snow move.
- Mikleo and Zaveid following the eyes of hurricanes together, to feel the twist of water and wind into a storm, and see the path it carves through the land