hi people

im tired i dunno what im typing anymore im tired

hi elementz

hi alklinefeline

hi jukie

hi humapvz

hi edmund mcmilllen youre pretty swood

hi me

yes hello me
I must greet myself at this hour

hi eberyobody

“Hi everybody!!” -dr nick

i wonder who will see this
hi guys and girls and people hello people you dont know me but

i just wanted to say “hi thx for being here ur all pretty swood thanks for being on tumbler and always beightening up my day”

hi guys
Hi hello

Dear Edmund McMillen.

I hate you, you beautiful beautiful man! You have given me 200+ hours of fun, gaming, and so much fucking frustration. You truly are a master of developing games, and working with DannyB to give those games an even better taste of music. Your master pieces are perfect. The Binding of Isaac has to be one of my favourite games of all time, and I have forced it upon all of my steam gamer friends. But fuuuuuuuuuuuuck Super Meat Boy. Fuck that game in its whole fucking entirety. That game has insta-respawn, so you’ll fuck up, and do it ALL over again, at least 10 fucking times. But that feeling that you get when you FINALLY FINISH A FUCKING LEVEL, it just warms your heart. Keep making games, they are just perfect.

I’ve played SMB - 3 hours. Died 718 times…
I’ve played BoI - 177 Hours. Died 92 times….

That shows I’m either bad at SMB, or good at BoI. Or fucking terrible at both. Either way.