edmund o'sullivan

Interview with Prof. Edmund O'Sullivan - August 2012.

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This interview is what I used to write a feature on Ed for an upcoming issue of Resurgence magazine.

He is a pioneer of transformative learning, critical pedagogy and has brought a lot of Thomas Berry’s work to life, especially in the classroom.

I have a lot of respect for his work and really value his message, his love of life and his devotion to protecting it. We had a great chat that covered lots of interesting topics including cosmology, neoliberalism, industrialism, modernity, sustainability, education, evolution and popular culture.

He is a very great guy and I am thankful for him giving me the time to sit and chat and put the world to rights together.

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Ignorance is not something simple: it is not a simple lack, an absence or emptiness, and it is not a passive state. Ignorance of this sort – the determined ignorance white Americans have of American Indian tribes and clans, ostrich-like ignorance most white Americans have of the histories of Asian peoples in this country, the impoverishing ignorance most white Americans have of Black language – ignorance of these sorts is a complex result of many acts and many negligences. (Frye 1983: 118-119)
—  Marilyn Frye, quoted in Edmund O’Sullivan’s Transformative Learning:  Educational Vision for the 21st Century (1999)