edmund is tumblr

“….and threw himself down into the unknown depths below…”

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

This is one of the painting that I have put more time into, because I couldn’t stop adding stuff. This started with Isaac and ??? flying outside the chest with a few Isaac’s corpses around and then I added more, and more. Then I needed more cool looking synergies, then I started looking at Northerlion’s lps cause I run out of looks and then I thought… wouldn’t this look cool with all the floors and the Lamb on the top of the Isaac on the Dark Room? And this happened.

This damn game. Seriously, it has bring me so much joy and occasional rage. According to steam I have played 479 hours since it came out. it’s such a good stress reliever between work for it’s short runs. I usually play one a day. Thanks to Edmund Mcmillen and Nicalis for making this awesome game and couldn’t be more excited about Afterbirth coming so soon.

Modern!Edmund Pevensie Headcanons

- His favorite thing to do is read

- He loves William Shakespeare and Arthur Conan Doyle for classics

- He’s really into Rick Riordan

- Has read literally all of his books

- He’s addicted to social media

- Wattpad till 2 am

- Checks Instagram and Tumblr as soon as he wakes up

- His phone is literally attached to him

- He has a book on Wattpad that actually gets reads

- He posts the chapters to Tumblr but they don't get as much love there

- The series that got him into reading was Harry Potter

- He read the books as they were coming out so he would re-read all of them before a new one came out so he would be refreshed

- He’s really proud of his Wattpad book

- He won’t let any of his family read it but he keeps them updated on how many reads, comments and votes it has

- He’s really dedicated to his writing

- Feels bad when he updates late  

Dating Edmund Pevensie

● Going through tumblr addictions together.
“Are they still in there? ” Peter asked mildly surprised by the fact you and Edmund hadn’t set foot out his bedroom since you both discovered tumblr- and this was three weeks ago.

●Never having a full fridge.
“ED, DID YOU EAT ALL THE FOOD AGAIN?” You shouted from the kitchen to the living room. “NO, WHY’D YOU SAY THAT? ” Edmund tried to sound innocent, but it had been only been the two of you in the house for weeks.

●Teasing him because of his title, everytime he does something bad.
“Aren’t you supposed to be Edmund the Just, not Edmund the ‘go and lie to Susan about who ruined her makeup,’ You teased him.
“Oh shut up!”

●Arguments in morse code.
No one in the room knew what was going on, but what from what they could see Y/N and Ed seemed to both be furiously tapping on the table. They weren’t talking but they were obviously in a heated but silent conversation, what was going on?

●Always getting caught in the worst moments, snogging, cuddling, intense conversations. It always irritates Ed because he never feels he has enough alone time with you.
“Hey Ed- oh sorry!”

●Trying to out do each other in horseback riding or sparing.
“Take that Ed I won!” You shouted jumping up and down in excitement, very few could beat Edmund in sparing but now you were one of the few.

If the Pevensie’s got tattoos


Peter would totally get a lion. He loved Aslan and everything he stood for and respected him more than anything else in this, or any other, world. He would probably get it on his back, so that if he had to,(professional work places) he could cover it up.


Susan would probably get something that represented her siblings, but still signified their time in Narnia. The three arrows represented her symbol in Narnia, and each one represented one of her siblings.


I feel like Edmund would get a sword. While Peter’s sword was used for offense, to kill the enemy, Edmund used his for protection. He would get a tattoo of a sword so that he would remember that his weapon was always his words, and with those he was always strong.


Oh, Lucy, my smol bean. Lucy would probably get something small, but she would still want it to be aesthetic and dangerous, like her. I can imagine Lucy getting tattoos on her fingers, small ones that you think are drawn in pen but are actually really cool ink.