edmund fitzgerald the horse

(sorry crappy picture). This is Tucker, who Sam has started calling Edmund Fitzgerald (no real reason she just thinks it suits him). He is a 20 year old Dutch warmblood, and he is boarding here in the hopes of finding a new home. Anyway, he’s adorable. And I rode him today. Sam almost didn’t want me to because she thought I’d fall in love with him, and he’s free. 

He is a very nice boy. Quite out of shape, and a little creaky, but he’s got lovely gaits and a lot of training stored in there somewhere. Apparently he was started and shown dressage, then went to hunters and completely kicked ass until he sucked a tendon and couldn’t jump anymore. He has also been a therapy horse, and semi-retired for the last two years. 

He was super fun to ride, and mainly because he reminded me of every lower level dressage school horse. Like he could have so easily been one of the horses I grew up riding. He’s a grumpy old man, but essentially very sweet. He is well trained and safe, but knows all the tricks to get out of work. He is super girthy and stiff as a board to ride, but you can just tell that with patience and the right touch he’d get back some elasticity and go beautifully. He also has the most comfortable canter I think I’ve ever ridden. Really, it’s amazing. 

So, I was a little worried I would fall in love too. And god knows I can barely afford one horse, so two is out of the question, even if he’s being given away. 

So instead of thinking about how much I would love to have a horse that safe and comfortable to help get my confidence back, I am choosing to think about Tucker as a goal. He is what I am working towards with Addie. Of course she will never have a big smooth rocking dutch canter, but she can learn to be steady and balanced and safe. 

Until we get there, maybe I will get to ride Mr. Edmund Fitzgerald a few more times, build my confidence and get inspired to work on that cranky little mare and get her all straightened out…