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“If I could look back on my life and know that I made a difference for animals, I would count that as a successful life. Nothing in my life makes me happier than hanging out with animals—all animals. My cat—I love my cat. He’s a character. From the time I was ten years old … we got a Dalmatian, her name was Zoe, and all day I would wait to come home from school to hang out with Zoe. She made me so incredibly happy. Their lack of judgment, their love of humans, it’s so pure. There is nothing more pure than an animal-human connection.”

“I first went vegetarian when I was sixteen and I lasted about a year. It’s really hard to do when you live at your home and your family is super Albertan. I moved to Vancouver when I was about twenty-one just between University semesters, and I lived with a friend who was vegan, so we were both vegan while I was there … As soon as I moved out my parent’s home, that was it, I went vegetarian right away and I started transitioning to vegan.“


not an interesting polished piece, just emotional comics about the potential of leaving home and my personal suffering

2 million people collected from all over the world and all lu wants is a friend to share a milkshake with

anyway summary: when i move to toronto im going to wake up every morning listening to shawn desmond since quatsch has already probably banned drake


“Is there anything that worries you about 2017?”

“Yes. How much time do you have?” She laughs and says, “I am worried about our values as a society and I am worried about what the definition of truth is for many people and how we can uphold truth in a way that’s common for all of us. Truth is something I really value and as a teacher. I am worried about embedding the sense of justice in children. Respect is also a big deal for me and that’s also why 2017 hasn’t been that great. But I am very happy that we are in Canada and we are the ones who can help other people and instill those values. I am very proud of being Canadian. I am originally from Argentina. It’s a long flight—thirteen hours. I go back about very four years to visit family. I moved here ten years ago. I am from the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It’s a city of thirty million people so it’s a busy, big city, so it’s almost the opposite of what Edmonton is.”

“Is there anything you wish you could do over in your life?”

“Yeah, find a winning lottery ticket. Other than that, no, not really. I’ve had a pretty good life I think.”

“I’ve been in restaurants thirty-one years and the money isn’t really there unless you own the place. I’ve done everything you can do in a restaurant—serve, cook, bartend, but cooking is the main thing I did.”


New Cover for Sportsnet Magazine featuring Connor McDavid. I guess he is a big deal? Behind the scenes video coming soon. Thanks sportsnetmagpix