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5 celebrity crushes tag game

@dreameater1988 has tagged me to take part in listing 5 celebrity crushes. 

So, let’s begin:

1. This person. I’ve seen her around here and there. Actually bumped into her at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo in 2015 and had her sign something. I think she played a queen in one show and a schoolteacher who fell in love with a time traveller in another thing I saw once. Someday I’ll get around to actually finding out her name. Any ideas? 😜

2. Audrey Hepburn: One of the reasons I am tickled to see Peter Capaldi compare Jenna Coleman to Audrey, see people suggesting that she should remake some of Audrey’s classics like Charade, and, that Jenna herself is a fan (that link isn’t the first time she’s posted about Audrey’s Roman Holiday) - is that I’ve been a fan of Hepburn’s for going on 25 years myself. A great actress and humanitarian, and a much better singer than that whole My Fair Lady dubbing business would have you believe.

3. Laurie Anderson: Laurie is a singer and performance artist who has been active since the 1970s. Her music - much of it built around storytelling rather than just normal “songs” - intersected many of my musical and literary interests in the 1980s and her work was my “gateway” to other performers like Talking Heads and writers such as William S. Burroughs. Now in her 70s, having recently lost her husband, the iconic Lou Reed, Laurie continues to perform (her most recent album, 2015′s Heart of a Dog, is her best work since her 1989 work, Strange Angels) and I have been lucky enough to see her on stage several times, asked her about her big UK hit single “O Superman” during a Q&A session, and I had my photo taken with her too. Back in 1986 in high school I tried to build one of her inventions for a science fair, the tape-bow violin (it uses a segment of pre-recorded audio tape instead of a bow string and you draw it across a playback head mounted where the violin strings normally are). I could never get it to work but it was fun trying even if I was one of only two people in the entire school (the other being the friend who introduced me to her music in the first place) who had any idea who Laurie Anderson was!

4. Erin Gray: I wanted to include one of my childhood crushes and I had a choice of three: Lindsay Wagner (always the Bionic Woman to me), Lynda Carter (Gal Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman, just as Daniel Craig is amazing as James Bond, but, when it comes to playing Diana, Lynda Carter will always be Sean Connery), and Erin Gray, who played Col. Wilma Deering on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century in 1979 and later also co-starred in the sitcom Silver Spoons. I chose Erin because I’ve been lucky enough to interview her and meet her on several occasions. When she isn’t acting, she runs one of the agencies that books celebrities for fan expos and conventions so she often attends herself. I even interviewed her once for a newspaper feature about tai chi, a topic she’s passionate about. She’s great.

5. Halston Sage: To close my 5, I’ll include a very recent addition to my favourites list. Halston is an up-and-coming actress who has appeared in films like Paper Towns with Cara Delevingne. She got on my radar through her endearing performance as Alara Kitan in Seth MacFarlane’s more-serious-than-expected sci-fi dramedy The Orville this past fall. According to rumours that have yet to be debunked (or confirmed), her next big role might be as the comic book superhero Dazzler in the next X-Men movie.

Honorable mentions: Nana Visitor, Emilia Clarke, Bobbie Gentry, Ingrid Bergman, Sarah McLachlan, Lorde, Margaret Clunie, Karen Gillan … the list goes on!

I tag @freelydifferentluminary, @okfan527 and @aless3g

I’m so very happy with how this turned out! Especially since, well… it wasn’t supposed to a Fell!Paps drawing at all!

I originally wanted to make a poster of either Venom or Carnage, but I just couldn’t settle on a pose for them. So, I took the general vague idea I had in mind and applied it to Underfell!Papyrus, and I think it turned out better than the original drawing would have. This is definitely going to make a nice poster for me to sell at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo!

EDIT: Wow! I’m really humbled and amazed by the response this drawing has gotten so far! Thank you all so much!


Shannon Purser and Natalia Dyer at the Stranger Things Panel at The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo:

“People were like ‘Oh my God Barb!’ and sending me like sad crying faces and I’m like what? You know, I didn’t expect anybody to care. I mean, no offense, but a lot of the people on the show didn’t.”

#MonsterSuitMonday Here’s my referee zebra character “Strypes” being attacked by a full size & an adorable mini Xenomorph at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014.