edmonton comic & entertainment expo

I’m so very happy with how this turned out! Especially since, well… it wasn’t supposed to a Fell!Paps drawing at all!

I originally wanted to make a poster of either Venom or Carnage, but I just couldn’t settle on a pose for them. So, I took the general vague idea I had in mind and applied it to Underfell!Papyrus, and I think it turned out better than the original drawing would have. This is definitely going to make a nice poster for me to sell at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo!

EDIT: Wow! I’m really humbled and amazed by the response this drawing has gotten so far! Thank you all so much!


Shannon Purser and Natalia Dyer at the Stranger Things Panel at The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo:

“People were like ‘Oh my God Barb!’ and sending me like sad crying faces and I’m like what? You know, I didn’t expect anybody to care. I mean, no offense, but a lot of the people on the show didn’t.”

#MonsterSuitMonday Here’s my referee zebra character “Strypes” being attacked by a full size & an adorable mini Xenomorph at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014.

Cosplayer: arkhamhorror as Cloud Strife

Series: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Location: Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014

Updated convention tour dates 2014

Confirmed list of Conventions for 2014!

Vancouver (Fanexpo Vancouver) April 18-20

Calgary (Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo) April 25-28

Ottawa (Ottawa ComicCon) May 9 -11

Dallas (Dallas Comic Con) May 16-18

Sydney (Supanova Sydney) June 13-15

Perth (Supanova Perth) June 20-22 

Melbourne (Oz Comiccon) July 5 -6

Dash Con (IL) July 11- 13

Toronto (Fanexpo Canada) August 28-31

Utah (Salt Lake City Comic Con) September 5 -7

Montreal (Montreal Comic Con) September 14-16

Edmonton (Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo) September 26-28

Pending dates

NYC (New York Comic Con) October 10 -13

Winnipeg (c4) November 1-3 

Halifax (HAL-con) November 8 -10


Doug Jones was at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo this past weekend. #MonsterSuitMonday Unfortunately I didn’t catch him there due to timing issues (on my part). Oh, well… Another time! 

Here he is in “Pan’s Labyrinth” as The Pale Man.