“As an active member of the EDM scene, I often think I’ve seen all there is to see. I am always very aware of the astounding amount of love, compassion, and acceptance while attending an event, but Saturday night I was reminded all over again.

As I drove to the Oakdale Theatre in Connecticut with my two friends, I wasn’t nervous at all. Rarely do I ever get nervous going to shows anymore, because it’s kind of like going to a big place full of friends I just haven’t met yet-I always for the most part feel safe, and always always feel accepted. The drive to Pretty Lights was a straight shot: just under an hour from my school, and all highway so no getting stuck in traffic. The Oakdale Theatre was a very clean, spacious venue with friendly security and employees. Shortly after arriving, my friends and I realize we have different tickets-the two of them had balcony, while I had GA. We parted ways in the lobby, which is when I began to feel a little nervous. I am unfamiliar with Connecticut, and had never been to a show there. I wasn’t sure what the people were like, was unfamiliar with the venue, and was blindsided by the ticket mishap.

I stood by myself at a small table for no more then ten minutes when a guy handed me a piece of folded up paper. It read: “Have you seen Finding Nemo? If not then you should…it’s a great movie!” I laughed and looked up, confused. He invited me over to his table, bought me a drink, and introduced me to his three friends. Everyone was super friendly. They said they saw me standing alone and just had to invite me over. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one with a piece of paper-many were going around saying all sorts of different things (Stephanie’s said that she was beautiful and to have an amazing show), and the point was to keep on passing them forward. Little ice-breaker notes!

While we were chatting and drinking, a police officer came over to check wristbands. As it turns out, I had walked right past the booth to get banded, and the police officer was aggressive and angry (sidenote-I don’t do well with hostility like that). When apologizing profusely didn’t de-escalate the situation and I was just about to cry, Colin took me by the waist and walked me to get a wristband, calming me down. When we returned the police officer was still there, and upon seeing my wristband gave me my drink back! My new friends had diffused the situation while I was gone and kept him there so he wouldn’t throw out my drink. Crisis averted.

We went in to see the show, I got a free ride on someone’s shoulders (which I found out isn’t actually allowed, so don’t try that!), and raged out. Pretty Lights was as amazing as everyone had told me plus much, much more. The sheer joy and energy in that theatre was amazing. As I pulsed with the crowd, we became one in our togetherness of love, endless vibrations, and energy. Throughout the entire show, there was a team of about five people actively looking out for others’ well being- handing out free water, candy, and hugs. This was an especially welcome sight to all, given the recent events surrounding our scene.

During the last hour, I said goodbye to my new friends and went up to balcony (they weren’t bothering to check wristbands) and sat by myself. I like to do this at every show for a little while- just chill out, recollect, and sit with the music. Near the end, Pretty Lights paused the music and said something that brought me to tears. “Turn around and thank your community!!” My community. At a school where I don’t belong, in a family that I’m the black sheep of, in a society that doesn’t accept me, it is so very easy to feel alone. But the reminder that I got at that show is the reason why I continue to go to shows. I am free to be whomever I want, I am loved, I am accepted, I am celebrated. All because

This is my community.”

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Every rave and event I’ve been to so far alone not including Swedish House Mafia Masquerade Motel at Los Angeles Historic Park and Mad Decent Block Party 2013 expect for EDC I had to go with my neighbor/friend. Have not gone to Nocturnal Wonderland or Escape yet but hopefully next year and someday Ultra, Tomorrowland, and other raves and events. Would have started sooner but I was too afraid but now I don’t care if I’m alone I still love and enjoy the music and the culture behind it.

I’m a motherfuckin Raver

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