There was a lightshow involved but it was not the kind that lights up the sky in high latitudes. Northern Lights Music Festival conquered Edmonton this past weekend at the Shaw Conference Centre and there were massive numbers of people that attended. Colourful outfits and upbeat moods lit up the Venue with loud bass provided by PK sound. The festival was headlined by Gareth Emery and Kaskade who both put on unforgettable performances for the massive dancing crowd before them.

Connected, Aqua Audio, Hot 107,Flipside and Substenance all put their heads together and hosted the much anticipated event. The show was a success with many djs flying into Edmonton from places as far as the United Kingdom, United States, and other events all around the world. All of these talented Electronic Music Artists joined together on this past weekend to make a massive crowd go wild. All you could see was arms flailing in the air and smiles all around.

There is a phenomenon with ravers happening where they prepare little bead bracelets and necklaces to wear all up their arms. There were so many people covered in bracelets and jewelry, and they call it “Kandi”. When you see someone wearing Kandi, you go up to them and exchange jewelry in a ceremony called “PLUR”. They join hands in certain ways and trade a piece, unifying these two people in raver religion forever. It is quite heartwarming that you can see this happening frequently at these events because it truly is an awesome message. It means that they accept everyone for who they are. If you are not wearing a piece of Kandi, they will almost always give you your first piece.