edm with flower crowns

what the signs remind me of

aries: greek mythology, wrist tattoos, all black outfits, taking risks

taurus: olive skin, edm concerts, being soft-spoken, vinyl records

gemini: flower crowns, acoustic guitars, shark tooth necklaces, incense

cancer: salt water, filled journals, tapestries, mason jars

leo: apollo, bad puns, seeing passion in someone’s eyes, combat boots

virgo: introversion, old books, nude lipstick, mothers

libra: windy days, loud music, spring cleaning, new school supplies

scorpio: music festivals, falling in love, sunrises, gladiator sandals

sagittarius: heavy jackets, arrow tattoos, astronomy, fathers

capricorn: blue eyes, bath bombs, staying in bed all day, cats

aquarius: good health, lukewarm showers, road trips, all white outfits

pisces: succulents, the calm before the storm, inspirational quotes, big sweaters