edm week

Thanks @cornerstonedancer! So I’m supposed to post like, the music I’ve been into lately? That’s the tag but that’s a lil difficult cause I don’t really think about it and I wouldn’t be able to pick just a few.

So I decided to do something different. YouTube recommends stuff if you’ve been watching it recently or thinks it’s related to what you’d like. And well, if you wanna know what I’m into currently then what better way than to look at my YouTube recommended section? Even though it’s totally embarrassing guys I swear I have an explanation for this.

Aaaanyway you guys don’t have to do what I did just show me your music but if you wanna then that’s cool. I tag @brohemian-raspberry, @silentmartyrs, @silveraspens, @killer-stiles, @archaeology-apology, @soismellwatermelon, @when-im-74

Martin Garrix’s huge ID track name revealed

So I was just trying to upload a set of ID’s from Martin’s Ultra Miami set to YouTube & I received this copyright claim from STMPD RCRDS ( Martin’s record label ) saying I can’t use this track & it was named as “Spaceships - Area21″ under content section. Though I’m not sure how “Area21” is relevant. 

Check the screenshot below from my YouTube Video Manager :

I confirmed yesterday that this ID track of Martin is his collaboration with famous American rapper, Maejor. It was previously named as, ‘As We Do’ but now it seems like Martin have given it a different name! You can listen to Martin Garrix ft. Maejor - Spaceships ( ID ) HERE.

Party Animal

Bobby Abley’s jungle-inspired presentation featured crop tops, furry hats, colorful coats, an EDM soundtrack, and a giant banana.Tropical apparel seems to be the best way to keep warm for #FW15. See the entire collection on Milk Made

(Photo by Andrew Boyle) 

EDM Week Update Day 3

Just finished a load of EDM drawing requests, I’ll probably upload them tomorrow; even then, I haven’t even reached half of the requests sent in for me to draw.  

It’s only been 3 days of EDM Week, and I feel like I’m already going crazy.  I’ve been listening to EDM all day and night, putting on lots of songs on repeat just to draw all the requests in time, along with the EDM songs I personally want to draw.  It’s gotten to the point where EDM songs constantly run in my mind without me even listening to the songs.  Whenever I hear bizarre tones now, like a car honk, I automatically relate it to Techno.  With that, the drawings are increasingly becoming distorted and abstract, and less composed and organized (you can probably see for yourself within the past few days of self-portraits).  I’ve never done such crazy self-portraits on this art project.  I’m sure you could do a whole psychological experiment on me and the art as I go on this week with EDM music constantly running.  

Props to all you EDM fans out there.  All this pounding music is going to be the line for me; I can only listen to such songs with variations of other genres.  If this EDM week lasted more than what it is, I’m sure I’d have a mental breakdown. 12 hours + of straight EDM–or any genre at that–with songs on constant repeat is just not healthy.