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Just the cutest little plur bunny. She has a flash tattoo of a daisy and a one going down her chest that says peace, love, unity, respect.  I love the way she placed the flower petals on the sides of her eyes like glitter to add to the daisy look!

EDC, 2017

Noc Noc

Back from Nocturnal Wonderland. What a fun weekend. I didn’t camp this year, and it was pretty nice to go home to a bed, albeit in a hotel to rest. 

The festival grounds were much smaller than I’ve ever seen, and the stages were much smaller as well. I personally really liked this. Walking up and down the hill was much easier this time, and it was a fun experience being so intimate.

Friday night was much more empty compared to Saturday night. Friday was perfect though, with the smaller crowd you saw a lot of the same faces, and just wandering around was really nice. Saturday was much more crowded but it was still really fun. I liked how each night was different. 

The stages were pretty much new for Nocturnal from what I saw. There was only one stage (Wolves Den) that was large and had the huge screens you’re probably used to seeing. The other stages were more environmental and structural in their design. I liked those stages much more. 

There was a back corner one that had these beautiful designs cut into it, that looked almost Thai inspired. This stage then had the light up mushrooms as tall as trees in the standing area creating for a magical atmosphere. Then there was another stage that looked like it was built from matchsticks. The furthest stage was at the top of the hill, and was a lighthouse. It was a super cool idea and translated beautifully for a beacon in the night. Insomniac events never fails to do a beautiful job with the lightning and transformative experience of their events. 

They had a lot of the same costumed creatures walking around, but they also had some fun new dancers and camp councelors walking around too. 

I took a lot of photos and got to meet a lot of people who I ran into over and over again because of the size of the festival. It was really cool because quite a few people new my blog already, and it felt so cool for them to say how much they like seeing the photos I capture. 

Unfortunately, something happen to the exposure on my camera during the day on Saturday, and it looks like I’ve lost about 100 photos. I’m super disappointed because I think my daytime photos are always better than the night time ones. But what can I do? Trying not to dwell on it and going to try to salvage what I can from them. I still have about 300 other photos that turned out, so it’s ok. I just feel bad that I took some photos of people that didn’t work out. 

Stay tuned, I’ll start posting photos asap and my outfits and tips from my looks too. 

To all the new followers I met at Nocturnal, so happy to have met you and I hope to see you again soon!

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(at Charleston, South Carolina)

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I love this Mad Hatter look! The over the knee tights with the high boots is my favorite part! 

She also has the most blue eyes! They look so trippy!

Escape, 2017