edm go gos


Los Angeles based production and singer duo Paradise & Grace delivered a new EP late last month named Found, but it was only recently that I myself “found” out about the five track dazzler. Letting Go is the second track off that release, and it’s the perfect example of this pair’s gorgeously moving vocal bass and shiver inducing melodic dubstep. Letting Go is a tense flickering yet powerfully heartrending aria whose dusky pop and pristine vocals remind me of XYLØ, ECHOS, and Broods, but rendered with high voltage bass and pounding beats. You can stream Paradise & Grace’s Found EP on Soundcloud, here. Support them on iTunes, here.

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The DJs while playing Pokemon Go

Dillon Francis: hunts down venues for rare pokemom

Porter Robinson: names the pokemons after anime characters

Madeon: already caught them all… twice

Rob Swire: walked around the entire city of London for the past 12 hours confused af

Skrillex: never battles in pokemon gyms

deadmau5: the only pokestop he goes to is Tim Hortons

Daft Punk: plays with their kids while desperately looking for song material

Martin Garrix: plays the game while DJing and already owns 10 pikachus

Diplo: only catches the rare or the pokemon everyone knows and names them after girls

Zedd: deleted the game and complains about how the game is not fun on Twitter after arkadi stole the charizard he was trying to catch

I had a dream - months ago, at this point - that guy-man and thomas were living together and threw a house party that I ended up attending. at one point I noticed a crowd moving somewhere and made my way into the bedroom, where the boys were cross-legged on the bed. 

typing this out, I’m realizing that the energy in that room startlingly mirrored that of the grammys hug. I remember the presence of other guests, but guy and thom might as well have been in their own world. there was something very cinematic (or maybe theatrical) to it, the two of them under a spotlight, the crowd like a soft focus around them.

they were dressed in their human after all leather, but had placed their helmets to the side - and that struck me as intimate. they were also making music with the laid-back ease of, like, a campfire guitar session. that again struck me as intimate, but also as pretty nonsensical. (don’t know how they would’ve gotten their whole setup on the bed. let’s assume they went simple and acoustic.)

in any case, I really can’t describe how beautiful this moment was, and there’s really not enough detail to it for me to flesh out a good physical image. but I was thinking about that dream for the entire goddamn day.