Dillistone is proving himself a brilliant rising production star out of London these days with the magnificent arias he’s been dishing out. It’s been but a few weeks since he teamed up with Italian chanteuse LILI N to romance us with misty beauty Rude, which he’s now followed up with Sober, a bittersweet lilting gem featuring bewitching vocals by British songbird Yellow. Sober boasts a crisp captivating bounce and irresistibly mellifluous charm. It walks a fine line between pop and club, making it so endearing of a jam that it’s already racked up over 229K streams on Soundcloud in but a week. 

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Here’s the visual video for my brand new track, ‘Please Leave a Message’!
You can go download it for free here: https://sqarrot.bandcamp.com/track/please-leave-a-message

This is a progressive house number I ended up developing off of a melody that popped up into a jam session a few months ago. Little did I realize I was like one note off from the exact melody of the Skype ringtone and the next day when hearing that it all just sort of connected and fit and I decided to go through and put up this really clean sounding progressive track based around that melody, with an accompanying chord progression.

I think it has some sort of theme to it as well? Not in the way some of the stuff on the absolute zero EPs did but it does have this kind of bittersweet, parting vibe to it. Sort of the song that would play when you’re leaving for a trip around the world, and you’re leaving your loved ones behind. Who knows? I don’t, so enjoy this and make of it what you will!

Though I had a jolly good time visiting Vietnam and Cambodia last month, one of my greatest regrets during my wanderlust indulgence was the fact that I had to miss Porter Robinson and Madeon’s sold out performances whilst on tour in San Francisco. I can only imagine how legendary the two production heavy weights were on tour together. At least I can find momentary solace in a fresh new remix of their collaborative hit, Shelter, by British producer Mat Zo. Shelter gets a complete makeover under his fine tutelage, turning into a dreamy ambient, sunkissed breezy progressive house track. Golden washed bongos lull us deep into the jungle before chunky synths and bursting beats rev up the energy level on this magical carpet ride through the cosmos. Mat Zo captures the beauty of the original to the tee but in a very different manner with his remix. 

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It seems proper that Young Franco makes his way back into our open arms with a song named Miss You, considering the fact that I’ve missed his original handiwork in his silence much of the year. The Australian producer sashays his way back on to the scene with chic swanky, sexy pirouetting confidence on Miss You. This frisky and sassy tune features AlunaGeorge like vocals laid over a plush bed of luxuriant future garage and disco funky production. Miss You is like static electricity. Those of you in Australia can be electrified by this jam live when you catch Young Franco on national tour with UV Boi in January. Purchase Miss You from major outlets, here.

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  • Come And Get It (Razihel Remix)(No Wubs Edition)

@pinacoladafloat Okay, this is the song I’m talking about; well my quick edit so far, like listen to the original and then cry :/. (THERE IS ONE PART THAT’S BUGGING ME BUT I’LL KEEP WORKING ON IT)

asdafsfa…. Like tell me about it man, like you’re just enjoying a song, all in the groove and stuff then suddenly THE WUBS come and hit you in the face like a brick and just ruins the mood completely??? Like? Why???? I’m in PAIN?


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