New York electro band KOPPS return with a slamming new one named My Gold after staying silent for many a month this year. My Gold is a high energy romper, a noisy stomper, and a zestful groover. Viscous indie dance meets electrifying funk and infectious pop on the booming, fizzing jam, which is possibly my favorite KOPPS work, if not counting their guest stint on Joywave’s terrific Tongues. The enthralling track is available now on iTunes.

The DJs In High School
  • Sonny:The "emo kid" that probably plays bass guitar and tells everyone that no one understands him.
  • Joel:The sketchy kid in the cafeteria that offers to "upgrade" your phone for 20 bucks. Spends way too much time on the computer.
  • Porter:The weeb that has Naruto stickers all over his math binder and listens to nothing but J-Pop on the bus. Texts usually include emojis like "xD, :3, :D, >3<"
  • Martin:The cute one that might be gay but he doesn't talk enough for people to figure it out. Half the girls have a crush on him while the other half hates him for no apparent reason.
  • Hugo:The quiet transfer student that is acing all his classes and is captain of the chess team. Is a secret party animal and can handle more alcohol than people give him credit for.
  • Anton:The hyper one that plays Pokémon with his friends during lunch and is constantly getting friend-zoned by the girls he likes. Is in photography club.
  • Thomas:Captain of the football team and is constantly bragging about all the girls he's slept with. Pretty sure he's using steroids, but no one seems to question it. He's the "pics?" guy.
  • David Guetta:The rich kid that holds parties when his parents are out of town -- and yes, he wears the lampshade.

Weekend Box Office: We are not Zac Efron’s friends

Let’s hope that Zac Efron doesn’t have any real EDM aspirations, because America has spoken, and it wants him to step away from the mixer. Just how badly did the star’s new DJ drama do at the box-office this weekend? Put it this way: The Adventures Of Pluto Nash was a bigger hit. We Are Your Friends, Efron’s latest ode to the transformative power of brohood, grossed $1.8 million on more than 2,300 screens. That’s the third worst wide-release debut in history, behind only that famously underperforming Oogieloves movie and the butt-ugly animated flop Delgo. Has the High School Musical crowd grown out of its crush? Or is this some sort of calculated attempt on the part of Efron Nation to get their idol out of the frat house of twentysomething stardom and back into the crooners ghetto of East High School, where he’ll be all theirs again?

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I listened to this for an hour. It sounds simple, but the lyrics and the story expressed are amazing.


As he watches through the door
His smile pulls in more and more
Wicked thoughts shape wicked ways
While we all crave, while we all crave

When the man yells at his son
When he finds the smoking gun
Don’t you worry, little one
For we all crave, we all crave

Just a little time
No, your addiction’s not a crime
It’s just a smaller part of who
You want to become in the end

When the snow is on her mind
Rows and rows and lines and lines
In the haze of your fixation
We all crave for you, we all crave

And you can kill the wildest thing
But when you murder, it’s a sin
In the midst of your conviction
We all crave for you, we all crave

Just a little time
No, your addiction’s not a crime
It’s just a smaller part of who
You want to become in the end


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