Tanta coisa acontece com a gente. Tanta gente passa pela gente, mas tão pouca gente realmente fica. E eu sei que, talvez, eu tivesse que ficar triste. Talvez eu tivesse que continuar secando lágrimas, abraçando o vento e rindo no vácuo, mas o fato é que eu não consigo. Eu não consigo mais ser triste só para mostrar que um dia eu fui - ou achei que tivesse sido - feliz. Aprendi com os meus próprios erros que sofrer não torna mais poético, chorar não deixa mais aliviado e implorar não traz ninguém de volta. Aprendi também que por mais que você queria muito alguém, ninguém vale tanto a pena a ponto de você deixar de se querer. Eu que gritei para tantas pessoas ficarem, hoje só quero mesmo é que elas sumam de uma vez por todas. E em silêncio, que é pra ninguém ter porque se lamentar.
—  Tati Bernardi

Most days of the week, I’m rifling through new songs and remixes like a crazy woman, and it’s go go go all the time until I find that one gem that fully arrests my attention for a few sweet minutes. This remix of KOLAJ’s sweeping pop debut, The Touch, by Brooklyn’s N2N, did exactly that. Time stood still and the rest of the world ceased to exist as the producer’s stunning remix took my breath away. The Touch becomes a cool and gentle caress under N2N’s direction. It glows tenderly and emotes effusively, a breezy cinematic emulsion of chill disco and summery house. Grab N2N’s remix for free, here.

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Ever enigmatic k?d is one of my favorite young producers. I mean, seriously, have you even listened to the Daft Punk remix k?d put out a few weeks ago? No? You’d better get on it, here. As such, it was a pleasant surprise when k?d suddenly revealed a debut original, and even more of an unexpected delight is the fact that Somewhere Far Away From Here features fleecy luxurious, whispering soft vocals by golden voiced Los Angeles songbird Lolaby. The cosmic expanse and cinematic gallantry of k?d’s Somewhere Far Away From Here evokes the likes of Illenium and Adventure Club, but doused in the ethereal wonderment of Porter Robinson. Somewhere Far Away From Here is an epic opus with profound depth. Lolaby’s gentle murmuring is soothing and disarming. The hushed message she delivers could be coming from an intimate part of our own subconscious, a representation of our psyche itself. In the meantime in contrast to that familiar intimacy is k?d’s sweeping production. There are no limits to its big blue sky, or its deep watery chasms, or its massive craggy peaks, or its sweeping magnificent tundras. No, there is only beautiful absolution and the tingles of sonic euphoria, reverberating like little shocks of electricity. k?d’s magnificent debut original is a free download, here.