Day 047: “Real Life Social Network”

Drank with my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Nice to catch up with things and finding out what’s been going on by talking to them and not consistently updated by a facebook status. 

600D; M; 18mm; f8; 1/100; ISO-200

Off Camera Flash @ I have no idea what power…

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Tuesday 1-8-13

Day 8: “Why!?!?”

There are so many open parking spots, so why park front of the bank? It makes it hard for me to reverse out. I see so many people do this everyday, why can’t people just park between the line…

iPhone 5 Pano


After only three months, I finally got off my ass and sorted through the photos from when edlom, ckcxtreme and I went to Oahu.  I make no excuse other than pure laziness.  I really need to get better about my workflow.

Anyway, the I sorted out each day’s shots into a separate web gallery using Lightroom.
Day 1 - 2012.04.06
Day 2 - 2012.04.07
Day 3 - 2012.04.08

It was a great experience.  One I hope to repeat again soon. 

Day 024: “Annual Exam”

I actually took exact same shot yesterday but I had to leave because of emergency. So I had to take same one again for today’s post. Don’t worry, I asked the doctor for a permission. 

600D; M; 19mm; f2.8; 1/40; ISO-320

No Flash

Day 126: “Cinco de Mayo”

Not a Corona drinker but since it is a holiday

5DMKIII; M; 50mm; f1.4; 1/125; ISO-500

No FLash

Edit: I skipped a day and screwed up my counts. Good thing cool web master Photogery will fix everything up for me. You the best!

Day 028: “Congratulations to the Newly Wed

I didn’t have any time to take a photo today. I started early in the morning to shoot wedding and didn’t get done till late. I manage to get me a shot of a cool fountain underneath the wedding cake. 

600D; AV; 16mm; f2.8; 1/30; ISO-6400

No Flash

Day 091: “Mucho Aloha”

I saw my sister and her boyfriend outside of Whole Foods so I ended up hanging out with them for a while. I show them my broken lens to them then I hit the tip of it and what you know, it’s all fixed. I guess hitting things really fix everything. Anyway, we end up drinking some beers down at the beach after.

600D; M; 50mm; f1.8; 1/800; ISO -100

No Flash