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you sweet sweet little soul <3. I hadn't shipped so hard in ages, thank u for all that writing and patience with the requests. have a nice day!

Omg this is nice hi thank you I’m glad you like the fics!! ;A; And thank you guys for the patience in waiting for the prompts to be fulfilled too! :) Have a nice day as well!! ♥

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i'm liking your maxicest fic! :D

Thank  you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it—I’ve got the next chapter about halfway done and hope to have it up sometime tomorrow. 

It’s been consuming me over the last two days—I couldn’t sleep last night because ideas for future chapters kept popping into my head, lol. 

Wanda… is a very loud, demanding muse! ;o)



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aw, get us some fluff <3. and i'm still not over the dream projecting one.

literally my first thought watching her mental manipulation scenes in AOU was i bet she could use that with naughty intentions 

and then it just snowballed from there  

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tyler bozak pls )))

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burr? xD

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carey price

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Nicklas Jensen please

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cory schneider!!!

I will try to get to all of these requests as soon as possible
and thanks for requesting!