12 Days of Check, Please! Christmas

day three: baking (holiday) treats (prompts by @nsfwzimbits)
a/n: for the past few years, I’ve tried to make my mom a treat from back home for Christmastime (even though I usually push her diet super hard). And every year, it’s just “not the same” because of the cane sugar. I imagine Tater has the same problem. That being said, I know literally nothing about Russian desserts, take this with a grain of salt.

Kent was fearless. He faced guys who were half a foot taller than him (and who had 100 pounds on him) on a near daily basis. He laughed off injuries from skates and 100 mile an hour pucks. He moved to Las friggin’ Vegas at 18.

And he was about to be brought down by a plate of stupid marshmallow… things.

“Bitty. Please. You have to help me.”

Two hours ago, Kent felt embarrassed about begging his laptop for help (and yeah, okay, he was skyping with Bitty, but it still felt silly). But that was two hours and too many failed attempts ago.

“Sweetheart, I am trying. But it may be time to face the facts here.”

“NO! There are no facts to face, Eric Bittle. I will make my boyfriend the plate of perfect zefir that he has been craving for months if it kills me.”

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Guess who just finished Orsinium! Fun epilogue ideas for DC players: go tell your High King how you murdered his ally and essentially jeopardized the existence of your entire alliance. :3

Bonus: you_did_what_now.png