Just letting everyone know that Glasgow City Council in their infinite wisdom have allowed for an Orange Walk to take place in the city center and EDL and BNP will be in tonight, and there have been rumours of people from all over Britain coming up to join in. I know not everyone is out to cause trouble but after the events of last night I’d advise everyone to stay away. Yes voters didn’t want this, and No voters didn’t want this, I just hope you all stay safe.

So today, i was in Sheffield City centre. Unaware there was going to be many EDL protests going on. (For those of you know don’t know, the EDL are anti-Islamic.) If i’m being honest it was scary. It was very loud. All the streets had barriers you had to get through before they were shut off. At the point this photo was taken all the Anti-EDL protesters had moved up to the left, the people in the background were the tail of the march. I spotted this woman walking around and trying to cheer people up, whilst my dad was taking photos of the riots.

She walked over, beaming. “Hello flower, would you like a free hug? You look wonderful today!" 

I looked a little awkward, i’m not usually good with strangers. "Thank you! Could i take a photo? It’s been an eye opener coming down here, but it was nice to see you stand out. You made me smile." 

"Aww, that’s sweet. Of course i will. Although i don’t know why you’d want a picture of me. Would you like me to pose? Smile? Laugh? I am holding it up the right way aren’t I?”

I laughed a little, relaxing a bit. “Just be natural. That’s perfect. I just want it as a keepsake photo. It’s been a tough time around here, and it’s nice that someone’s showing some kindness." 

"I just want to give out some free hugs. It’s what i’m here for flower. I don’t care about who it is, because everyone deserves a hug, don’t they? Is it a good picture? Would you like another?" 

I smiled. "I agree. This picture is all i need, thank you. Can i have that hug now?" 

"Why of course you can" 

We hugged and we spoke over each other’s shoulders. 

"Stay safe. Keep smiling sweetie. I hope you have a wonderful day." 

"I will. You stay safe too.”

“They can’t do no harm to me. I’m just an old woman with a piece of cardboard." 


EDL leader Tommy Robinson takes on rapper Akala. Akala schooled him good and proper. these edl guys need to stop, whenever they open their mouths nothing but shite comes out.

Moronic English Fascists Marched on Parliament in London

Since Lee Rigby’s murder in Woolwich last Wednesday, there has been a surge in Islamophobia in the UK. The English Defence League—long-time opponents of Islam, given that they’re basically Nazis—have attempted to capitalize on this by organizing a series of marches and demonstrations across the country. No matter that the bastards who butchered the soldier while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great) have been unanimously condemned by all sane Muslim groups and leaders—moronic people have still been posting grammatically awful status updates on Facebook, ten mosques have been attacked, and the number of anti-Muslim incidents has spiked since Rigby’s horrifying murder.

Before the events of last Wednesday, England’s street bigot patrols had been having a torrid time of it. They were used to having their asses handed to them wherever they went, which in turn led to infighting and disunity. Fortunately for the English Defence League (EDL) and unfortunately for anyone with a scintilla of decency or intelligence, a man’s tragic death at the hands of fanatics proved just the shot in the arm they needed to put their petty differences behind them and morph back into a cohesive Islamophobic machine, like the T-1000 reforming itself in Terminator 2, if the T-1000 was a drunk racist.

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After taking to the streets of Woolwich in the immediate aftermath of Rigby’s death and holding a demo inNewcastle on Saturday—where a speech that consisted of “send the black cunts home” was enthusiastically applauded—the EDL was on the march in London again on bank holiday Monday.

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We turned up at Leicester Square where the EDL were congregating. At this stage they were defending Western civilization from an Islamic fundamentalist landgrab by getting tanked up on Jacques fruit cider at a Yates’s wine bar. They passed the time by imploring children to get the last ever tickets for the Spice Girls musical to “stick your fucking Jihad up your ass.”

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Along with several screaming newspaper front pages, many members of the EDL were angry that David Cameron is currently holidaying in Ibiza in the middle of what the media are determined to label a “terror crisis,” chanting, “Where the fuck is Cameron?” I’m not sure how having Dave standing around trying to look important for the cameras would help the situation. Has nobody considered that he might have been orchestrating all ten arrests connected to the murder from the poolside, in between pints of San Miguel?

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After a while they set off towards Downing Street, joined as they went by more supporters. If you’ve been paying attention, you can probably tell from this picture that this was the biggest far-right street party for some time. I longed for the last time the EDL came to Westminster, not so very long ago, when they only managed to rouse about 85 people whose love for spending their weekends shouting stupid things at bored police officers was truly hardcore. Unfortunately, misplaced anger at a soldier’s death and the hot weather combined to bring out the dilettantes.

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As the march made its way down Whitehall, it was met with the jeers of some anti-fascists who didn’t want to let the march happen unmolested. For some reason, these guys didn’t buy the EDL’s line that they’re not racist.

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I’m finding it hard to put my finger on exactly what it was, but something gave me the impression that the anti-fascists might have had a point. Having said that, it would be unfair to look at the maniacal behavior of one or two people and suppose that their actions represented the will of a whole community.