By @edkashi Black tar winds through the desert on the road from Damascus to Palmyra, in Syria on May 1, 1995. As a measure taken to protect some of the historic artifacts in Palmyra from the current occupation by the Islamic State, hundreds of statues have been moved to safety in Damascus. However, large monuments of global importance that could not be transferred are still under threat. According to a recent article on BBC, Syria’s head of antiquities, Maamoun Abdul Karim, warned, “This is the entire world’s battle.” @viiphoto #savePalmyra #syria by natgeo

Candy colored homes that hug the side of the mountain in #portauprince #haiti masks the poverty and difficulties of life in this vibrant but economically downtrodden country. @edkashi @viiphoto @opensocietyfoundations @#mobile #photojournalism #documentary #thephotosociety
@talkingeyesmedia by natgeo