Marvel Gender Swap part 1

Captain America, Amber Heard | Iron Man, Kate Beckinsale | Thor, Jennifer Lawrence | Hulk, Mila Kunis | Hawkeye, Shailene Woodley

Hawkeye’s body photo is owned by Lisa Marie; photo made by Lisa Bee Photography; Other photos are originally owned by Marvel, Elle, L. Busacca, Stevie and Mada, Asos, Jojo Whilden, Total Recall still photo

Just because we’re raptor squad af after watching Jurassic World


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When I first met Colin I… I couldn’t understand what he was saying. It was purely because I wasn’t used to his accent and, and also he’s got this very… you wouldn’t think when you look at him, this very dark sense of humor you don’t know about it - Bradley on Colin


As an actor, when you go for auditions, there are certain roles that come along and you think, I really want that one, and Prince Arthur was definitely one of those. I remember the last audition I did was this workshop where they had lots of Arthurs there, and me looking at each one thinking they weren’t right for the part, because they weren’t me!