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Winteriron AU

“Hey Jarvis  …”

“Yes, sir?”

“Would it be weird if I say have a crush on this man?”

“No, sir. Though I am surprised that you watch a children’s show.”

Tony smiled sadly as he answered Jarvis

“Eh whatever Jarvis. This fellow is the reason I am even willing to get the surgery.”

Tony has a heart condition and is about to get surgery done. While flicking through channels he came across a children’s show which is hosted by Bucky. And Tony fell in love with him. He doesn’t even know the guy. Not that he couldn’t arrange a meeting if he wanted. Everyone knows him. He is the billionaire genius, philanthropist  Tony Stark. But he doesn’t want anyone to like him for that.

He gets the surgery done and Rhodey’s friends Steve, Bucky and Sam come to visit their friend’s friend who underwent a serious heart surgery.

Tony is surprised to see Bucky there.

Rhodey introduces them and Tony learns Bucky is a very shy fellow.

They start talking and Bucky ends up liking Tony a lot. Too much in fact.

Bucky stops talking to him because he thinks he is way out of Tony’s league. What would Tony want with him anyway. Best to stop now before he falls too much. He already likes Tony way more than he has liked any of his previous boyfriends.

Not to mention his last relationship with Brock was bad. Before that with David. Before that Michael. Yeah he’s been through some shitty guys.

Tony asks Steve why Bucky has stopped talking to him. Steve and Tony had become good friends.

Steve tells Tony a little about Bucky’s dating history.

“His boyfriends were pretty shitty. I guess Buck must’ve ended up liking you and gotten scared.”

Steve smiled at Tony and patted his shoulder. “Talk to him. I have a feeling you two would be good for each other.”

Tony did and reluctantly told Bucky about his crush. Bucky was so red Tony was worried he will combust.

“Bucky? Are you okay?”

Bucky shyly looked up at tony. “Why didn’t say anything until now?”

Tony shrugged but Bucky could see Tony was very nervous.

“What could I have said? That I fell in love with you when I didn’t even know you? That your show gave me hope to go through with surgery? I- I would’ve never contacted you. I - I didn’t want anyone to like me because well I….I am me. I only have three friends in the world Rhodey, Pepper and Happy.”

Bucky couldn’t describe what he was feeling. He was too happy.

“Can I kiss you?”

Tony looked at Bucky for a while then nodded.

“Yeah…yeah you can.”

Three years later.

Steve knew he was right. He looked at his best friends and smiled. Bucky had his hands around Tony’s neck and was kissing him. They looked very happy. He had never seen Bucky smile so much. Rhodey and Virginia had told him they’d never seen Tony that happy.

Steve smiled to himself. “I know you were meant for each other.”


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All’s Fair in Love and War by EventHorizon

“{…} Lestrade smiled as widely as he could and hoped Mycroft couldn’t see how fast his heart was beating.  He’d come here to get as pissed as he could, find someone to shag and cry his eyes out tomorrow for being a complete waste of skin because no matter what he might ever do to be the man he once was, his Mycroft would never love him again so why not drink and fuck his way to the grave and be done with it once and for all.”


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