Hi to the people reading this!! I HOPE YOU ALL HAD A REALLY NICE CHRISTMAS AND FOR THOSE OF YOU IN SCHOOL, ALSO A REALLY GREAT WINTER BREAK!! This is my very first time making a follow-forever graphic, and it was annoying as heck. BUT YES. It is Hatsune Miku-themed!!  Woohoo! Making graphics give me a headache jfc. You know, seriously, I planned on making a follow forever back in like.. July. Well, IT’S THE END OF 2012!!! AND LET’S HAVE A GREAT 2013! /pops bottle of champagne

SO ANYWAYS, I’d like to thank you all for following me throughout 2011~now. And I made a special follow-forever to those senpais or to those qts-3.14s (hell ya) who talked to me and kept me company through sunshine and rain. aWWwWwW. Not really. Ok, let’s get started!!

** Bold = Real Life Friends
* = (Tumblr friends [like I talk to you or s/t LOL])
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