This needs to be said.

The following is a slightly edited version of a youtube comment I left on the most recent Winter Games video,  NETFLIX AND CHILL 80’S EDITION (Smosh Winter Games). I needed to get this off of my chest after seeing people ATTACK Boze for not knowing a movie, and attempting to be funny. I also felt like it needed to be said here as well, if only to spread the message further. 

I have to warn you, I get very heated, and there is a lot of swearing. 

I do use ‘you’ a lot in this, and would like to clarify that it is specifically directed at the toxic part of the youtube community. If you have not done anything hateful, this is definitely not directed at you at all, so please don’t feel bad, as you have done nothing wrong. But I would appreciate it if you take the time to read it anyways.

If you do read this, and help spread the word, thank you.


Alright, after looking through these goddamn comments, I need to vent. 

Why the fuck is this fandom so hateful? Like seriously, do you guys have no compassion? No respect for the people who spend their lives churning out this content for you ungrateful and hateful fucks? I am actually ASHAMED to be a part of this group about 90% of the time. I cant look in a fucking comment section on any video without being completely overwhelmed with negativity and cruelty. 

Every smosh games video: “This person sucks, please fire them” “Where is Ian and Anthony? The vids are shit without them” “Smosh games is so bad, they should just stop" 

 Every second channel video: "Smosh went to shit when the squad joined” “I miss the good days when it was Ian and Anthony” “This person is annoying and painfully unfunny, they shouldn’t be here" 

Every smosh vid with the squad: "I miss when Ian and Anthony were here” “Why are these other people here? They arent smosh” “These skits arent funny, they should stop having these people" 

Every smosh vid with Ian and Anthony: "This reminds me of when they used to be good” “They should only make these videos and stop with the squad” “These guys are so much better than the squad" 

And now, every winter games video is just hate on Boze. 

 And you know what? I’m fucking sick and tired of it. 

I’m suprised Smosh didn’t disable comments a long time ago. They contribute no actual feedback, no support. It’s just a bunch of whiny, bitter shitheads screaming about Ian and Anthony and hating on the content that they have the PRIVALEGE to consume for absolutely free. Really, it feels like half the ‘fans’ only come to the videos to moan and bitch about how much they hate the 'new’ smosh. If you hate these wonderful people, this free content that they put their blood sweat and tears into, the work that they love and enjoy and put forth to try to make you happy, THEN DONT FUCKING WATCH IT. 

 Don’t you have anything else to do with your life than to scream about and shit on people who are trying their hardest to make you smile? Don’t you have anything you would rather do than to tell these creators that their work is awful, or means nothing to you? What sort of enjoyment do you get from putting other people down? 

 And if you actually like watching content, think about it. Suppose they fired every person that people think are annoying. Who would be left? There are always people who have senses of humor that you dont relate to. GET OVER IT. 

Ian and Anthony, smosh games, and the squad make this content because they genuinely enjoy it. They cancel shows because they don’t like making them anymore. They create new shows or bring on new people because they WANT TO, and like working on/with them. If they brought back all the shows you like that they cancelled, or stopped doing the shows you personally dislike, they would not enjoy their work. The content is good because they put their all into it, because they are having fun and want to share that with you. If they didn’t like the content they produced, it would not be nearly as good, because they just don’t really enjoy it. And what would you do then? You would complain. Just like everything else, you would complain about the content not being as good. 

You people are NEVER happy. And I am tired of it. I regret scrolling down on any video, because all I see is negativity and hatred. Why can’t you take notes from Markiplier’s fans? From Jacksepticeye’s fans? Why can’t you accept that people change, that content changes, and that it isn’t the end of the fucking world if literally anything isn’t exactly to your liking? You’re a bunch of ungrateful bullies and brats. 

And yes, I know there are good people here. I’ve seen funny and supportive comments. The people they show in meetup vids seem wonderful. The small Tumblr community are some of the nicest people I’ve seen from this fanbase. But to be honest? The loud minority speak over the quiet majority. And when it comes to such a large community? The minority is still HUGE. 

 If even some of you decided to maybe not post that hate comment, not tell that one member to quit or even kill themselves (yes, I’ve seen comments like that and they disturb me), if you decided to be a somewhat pleasant person for maybe once on this website, that could make a difference. If you chose to lift someone up, instead of putting them down, you could chose to spread some happiness in this group of people. 

But you don’t. 

You only spread hate. You whine and yell and complain, with no regard for the REAL PEOPLE behind the screen, with no respect for their work, with no thanks or gratefulness for the content you are allowed to view for free. And nothing. Ever. Changes. 

So, I have a challenge for anyone who has seen this comment or even read this far. DO SOMETHING. Say something nice, about someone in the comments or someone in the video. Talk about what you liked. Talk about who you like. Talk about something nice, positive, and maybe brighten someone’s day. 

Because if you are like me, and this frustrates you and sickens you, you WANT things to change. You want to make this a safe, positive place where we can enjoy the videos and talk to each other. And the only way to do that is to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING.

And don’t give me that, "Oh, it’s the internet, trolls will be trolls! There’s always gonna be haters!” No. Absolutely not. Being online does not give you the excuse to be a horrible human being. And saying that only validates the thought processes of the people who are leaving this hate. This is something that NEEDS to change. 

 So, if you even somewhat enjoy Smosh; if you saw this comment, and it didn’t get completely swallowed by negativity; if you can take the time out of your day to be a nice person, DO SOMETHING KIND. Compliment someone. Make a nice joke. Comment about what you loved about this video, or literally ANYTHING good. Please. Let’s try to turn this fandom into something good again. Love CAN beat hate. All we need are people who will try. 

Tl;dr: This fandom is toxic and hateful. Please do something nice. It CAN make a difference.

A Taste of Home // Wes Johnson

For anonymous

Warnings: I don’t know if there are any

Pairing: Wes Johnson x Reader (female)

Word Count: 1,305


You had only been in America for a year when you had gotten a job for Smosh, editing and helping produce the videos so they were the best quality they could be. The most enjoyable thing about working there was your editing partner, Wes. When you had first arrived everyone had been nothing less than kind and you were ecstatic, seeing as your English was far from perfect and you felt like you would be mocked for your accent, but you weren’t.

Months passed, and during that time you had grown closer to Wes and he had even taken to teaching you better English, so if any fans wanted to speak to you, you would be able to understand each other. Along with Wes, you started appearing in videos more as well. You often played GTA with him and the Smosh Games crew, which Mari was welcome to having another girl around, and whenever you got mad you always started spouting off Swedish which made everyone laugh, and you had noticed people in the comments always found it funny when you did that, which made you feel proud of yourself for making people laugh.

Currently, you were starring on an episode of the Show With No Name, alongside Wes and Shayne. Wes was mostly there for moral support as you felt more calm and less jittery when he was near, and everyone wanted you to feel welcomed so they let you stick with him.

“Oh wow, okay. So we have a question and I’m going to let Y/N read this question, because I don’t want to mess anything up.” Shayne handed the tablet to you and your momentary confusion was answered.

A smile lit up on your face when you saw the language you knew so well in the twitter format. “Vad är din favorit sak om ditt hemland?”

“What does it mean?” Wes asked you softly.

“They ask what favourite thing about homeland.” You tried to word it correctly and he nodded. “Can I answer Swedish?”

“Sure, go ahead. You might have to translate for us afterwards though.” Wes told you and you turned towards the camera again.

“Jag saknar sverige mycket, men min favorit sak om att bo där var all mat, jag har inte haft svensk mat så länge jag saknar det så mycket.” You spoke to the camera nodding along. You then translated for the English viewers and the two boys beside you. “Miss Sweden lots, favourite thing is foods from Sweden, haven’t had Swedish food in over year.”

“Aww, that sucks. Maybe we’ll go get Swedish food after we’re done for the day, okay?” Wes asked and you nodded, a smile breaking out onto your face.

“My favourite thing about America is that we have the best president ever, I mean like have you ever seen anyone as handsome as Trump?” Shayne joked and you chuckled.

The day ended and you were walking out with Wes, as you two often drove together because you didn’t like driving. There was also the fact that he promised to take you out to get some Swedish food, the thought of it was almost making you drool. Wes had found a Swedish restaurant nearby while you were finishing editing, and so you were heading there now.

“We’re here.” You smiled at him and got out of the car, meeting with him in front of the vehicle so you could walk to the restaurant together.

“What would you recommend?” Wes asked while you were looking at the menus.

Thankfully, there was both an English and Swedish name and description, so you and Wes were both easily able to read the menu. Seeing all the foods from your native land you almost cried and demanded one of each item. You composed yourself enough to answer Wes.

“Köttbullar is good.” You nodded at him, as you decided that’s what you would order.

“I trust you, so I’ll get that.” You smiled at his words and ordered two when the waiter came to get your orders. “Do you miss Sweden a lot?”

“Everyday.” You told him. “Is home, my family and friends there. Wish I go back sometime.”

“Maybe you’ll be able to take me one day.” You nodded excitedly at that. “I’ll try and convince people to see if we can do a video about Sweden, maybe you can star on a Put it in My Mouth where they try Swedish foods, that’d be fun to watch.”

“You do that for me?” You asked, teary-eyed.

“Of course, Y/N. None of us had to move across an ocean away from family to be here, we wouldn’t be able to.” You wiped away the tears rolling down your face.

“No one has been kind like this to me.” You mumbled and he gave you a sheepish smile.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I can’t even speak English good, why be kind to me?” You told him, and he frowned.

“Because I like you, Y/N.“

“You like me?” You didn’t know in what way he was saying this, but you could only hope it was the way you wanted him to.

“Yeah, I’ve been practicing something for you, and I hope I don’t mess this up.” He cleared his throat as you just stared. “Vill du bli min flickvän?”

He had asked you to be his girlfriend. You were speechless, and it was as if you had forgotten all English you had ever learned as you just started to slowly nod at him.

“Ja!” You cleared your throat. “I will.”

When you walked into work the next morning, you definitely weren’t expecting the sight you saw. All around there were blue and yellow flags strung up, the flag of Sweden. You were in tears. All of a sudden, the Smosh Games crew, with a camera in hand recording, had jumped out with a shout of, “Surprise!”

“We knew you were feeling a little homesick, so we decided that we’d come in extra early this morning and set this all up.” Mari explained and you hugged her, still in tears.

“This is beautiful.” You sniffled. “Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it, we have even more than this.”

Mari took your hand and dragged you into one of the break rooms, where you were met with the many smells of food from your homeland. It was like you were right back at home, and you just couldn’t stop crying. This was the best thing anyone had ever done for you before, so many people put time and effort into making you feel a little less homesick, and you couldn’t even describe the feeling.

“We have at least ten different Swedish dishes here, and some of them look really good, so you might want to eat some before it disappears with all these boys here.” Mari joked and you laughed.

“They have some! Plenty to go around.” You said and they all cheered. “Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it, thank Wes, if anyone.” You turned to Wes who smiled sheepishly.

You walked towards him and pulled him into the biggest hug you could muster up, although he was way taller than you.

“Thank you.”

“You said you were homesick, and I couldn’t bear to see you sad.” You shook your head.

“Not sad when I am with you.”

“That’s like the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.” Mari piped in and you blushed at her words.

“I feel honoured.” Wes said in reply.

“You should.”

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Lasercorn: I didn’t understand why people care so much about their dumb kids until I got a dumb kid myself.

Lasercorn, holding up Tyler: I’ve only had Tyler two years, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.




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