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on the subject of seducing things in game, i once played a PC who upon finding the other half of their soul (long story) decided that instead of melding with it to become whole, or fighting it out to see who was stronger, they were going to form a pair of incestuous mind-melded twins. This PC is now the god of insanity and self-direction in that universe and my gaming group doesn't look at me the same way anymore. the twins are happy though.

(We don’t normally publish non-quote stories, but since we’re on the topic of seduction…)


Hey guys! I just got 200+ followers and like I said so, I made a follow forever! In all honesty this is the first fandom that I’m in where I feel so comfortable in. All the fun sinners to the innocent little bby’s ((who’s innocent ha!)) Anyway I just wanted to tell everyone how much they mean to me and that I love every single one of my followers even If I have never talked to some of you! Honestly I probably stalk your blog because I either want to talk with you or roleplay. 

Getting on with it Thank you so much for making me smile everyday and night ((When you all are on crack)) And thank you for just….ASDFGHJKL!! For just being you okay?!?

My totally not crazy or sinful bbys that i love to talk to and rp wit

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People I want to rp with either for the first time or more but then I’m too shy to ask and I’m just like “Notice me senpai please T^T”

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shout out go sturdyyuithighs cyclopsbby ryuunosis  edeaofeternia daigara daichicaptaincrow for being my the 6 to my 206 followers!!

Okay but really all of you just have a nice day a nice life stay happy because when you all are happy I’m supper happy and I literally cried making this because just seeing how I went from a shy bby to having so many friends! Plus everyone having fun and rping together in such a fun community makes me so happy like- okay I’ll stop ranting now! Just..thanks (◍•ᴗ•◍)