Why so mad? You’re not a true army if you’re not happy for bangtan having collabs with other artists. Stop beeing so dumb like seriously i feel ashamed for fans like you -Anonymous

You’re acting like a 5 year old girlie like calm the fuck down just because they asked them for an english album doesn’t means the wold ends and just be happy about the fact that bts got the chance to go to a award show like AMAS. Damn little koreaboos nowadays 🤦🏽‍♀️ -Anonymous

Wow youre like one of those childish armys everyone hates… -Anonymous

So, today I’ll be posting all of my thoughts about BTS and Westernized English album as you may have notice from the anonymous “confessions”

First of all, let’s start with the all those posts I’ve posted; I just want to make everything clear:

And now, if you’ve read all of those posts without misunderstanding; let me explain it more.

+ I’m the anon who agree with you and I wanted to add something. I don’t known if I read it here but I saw a post and it was about the effort in memorize the lyrics of a song and how exhausting it could be because they always want to give the best of them and now memorize a whole album in English i can’t imagine that, it would be so hard because English is not their main language and I really don’t want them to do that -Anonymous

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They are not just memorizing the lyrics; they would have to learn new language plus they would be learning to pronounce the words correctly and spending their time with writing their own lyrics. 

Furthermore, considering Namjoon is the only person that is fluent in English among BTS; he’s been translating all those questions/sentences and he’s been dealing with all those dumb interviewers in America, by himself. So asking them to make an English album would make them to work hard as usual; they would start to learn new language, they would try to learn how to pronounce those words correctly and they would try to write their own lyrics by their own.

And the consequences of this simple ask/request/wish would actually make them stressed out and they would end up having troubles, they are musicians. Most of all, they are human beings; they have their own limits.

But people just doesn’t understand this.

Yes, a simple request/wish/ask would actually hurt.

Without realizing, analyzing, searching and questioning; don’t ever hate on someone.

I’m used to get hate, but there are lots of sentimental/sensitive people out there might actually get hurt.

You guys should also start to think about all those simple actions could actually cause bigger troubles. Don’t forget to empathize, don’t forget that simple things could trigger bigger things.


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I had a bad idea for an old meme and my friend had access to MS Paint.