“Not enough… Not nearly enough yet… More… I want to pitch more… More. I want to fight it out with amazing pitchers”— Eijun (Act ii - Chapter 93)

things i’m still grinning about - todd chavez is ace edition!!!

  • the word asexual was actually used as an identifying label that was not the punchline of a joke or insult
  • todd’s asexuality was treated like something that was a part of him but didn’t necessarily define him!
  • the storyline showed how lack of information about asexuality can make someone confused about their orientation for much of their lives and how this causes the person to reject the label when they’re confronted with it (i related SO HARD!!!)
  • portrayed the anxiety many aces experience at the prospect of romantic/sexual relationships, ESPECIALLY when we’re still figuring out how to label ourselves 
  • showed that the ace community is diverse AND that there is an ace community (we aren’t alone!)
  • showed how vital interacting with others who share your identity helps dismantle internalized prejudices and assumptions 
  • showed that todd’s acceptance of his asexuality was not instant and is an ongoing process he is constantly working on
  • showed how easy it is and important it is for friends and family to accept asexuality even if they don’t quite understand it and that coming out as asexual can induce high level anxiety 
  • didn’t dive into fkn discourse hell and maintained a positive realistic tone 
  • todd reminded me i’m not alone as an asexual 20 something with little idea of what the heck is going on and honestly???? im kinda still crying about it and all of this happened on a show that on the surface is literally about a talking horse so basically no other media has any fkn excuse now