[Tohonifun] Umi-chan, the Camera is Over There?
Series: Love Live!
Pairing(s): Kotoumi, Nicomaki (just barely)

[Download Here]

Back to the LL (but there is one more Symphogear being processed atm…I think…). Really should have gotten this out waaay long ago but I was a) lazy (thank you to @adri-volkatina for cleaning/editing again!) and b) drunk almost every day last week (yes legal inebriation!!!). To celebrate this occasion, I think I’ll put out an actual NSFW Kotoumi next…

Anyway, enjoy various expressions ft. Sonoda Umi.

Welcome to Sapphoids!!!

This is the new image I’m going to be using for the first page here. Originally I didn’t plan this place to grow much, but it just keeps getting bigger and bigger… to think this all started many years ago when I finally caved and said, “I’ll just draw one Miku piece.” But there can never, only, be, one!!! Now we have over 100 followers here and over 70 posts (mostly art says something…)

The idea for this came while chatting with @indiefoxtail over the weekend, along with another idea I’m working on. We were just goofing around, showing each other our character designs and I thought of Gumi and Rin saying this to @askdailymiku and she liked it. It actually works really well with some weird story Ideas I had for this place that continues with the Clockwork Clown storyline, yes I’m continuing with that between the other nonsense here. 

Well, I’m off to get more work finished.

You can now read all the story bits and manga pages in order. 

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