A boy who will always be on your side.
A boy keeps your secrets.
A boy who is your lover and your bestfriends.
A boy who accepts your imperfections.
A boy who loves and respects his mother.
A boy who gives you a cute nicknames.
A boy who will make you laugh when you’re mad.
A boy who has a sense of humor.
A boy who grants your cravings.
A boy who loves to cuddle.
A boy who loves you unconditionally.
A boy who smells good.
A boy who will never hurt your feelings.
A boy who is afraid of losing you.
A boy who plays with your hair.
A boy who gives you a piggy back ride.
A boy who hugs like Mayweather.
A boyfriend who will motivates you more than just a blessing.
Every short girls needs a tall guy.
Those couples that started as a bestfriends.
And it lasts forever.

endversing asked:

also u knOW he got those snacks 4 himself like how fuckign subtle can u get like hello i went out and got u snacks u didn't ask for or want or need and they just happen to be the kind of snacks i like hahaah who'd a thunk it and now im going to casually sidle off screen to be over here no real reason u 2 kids have fun now

he didn’t even give the snacks to them he jsut awkwardly waddled like adumb penguin off screen with a big bag of food and an excited smile on his face whaT IS THI S

Tortoises are responsible citizens of the world. They travel to their destinations by means of crawling, eliminating the overall release of CO2 in the thermosphere by at least 30%.