26.03.17: happy birthday to exo’s resident mochi, xiumin!  (=^ ◡ ^=)


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~


                       Happy  Birthday  Minseok!

The time has come! It midnight in Korea so that means that 27 years ago you came on this world and brought happiness to so many. Since young your love for music and performing on stage was very strong, you knew that one day you will shine on stage just like your idols, TVQX, the ones that made it so clear that the only path in life you want to take was singing. The path was full of obstacles, but you managed to pass them and in the end you finally was able to fulfill your dream and debut as Ximin of EXO! It was a rough start, you had to deal with a lot of hate, but it didn’t bring you down, it made you stronger~ And now, as you turn 27 years old, I am seeing the best version of yourself. You are stronger than ever, full of confidence, your skills are getting better with each day and your passion is as strong as ever! I hope you will spend many more birthdays with us, both as Kim Minseok, the man, as well as Xiumin, the perfect idol! Love you ! 민석아생일축하해