We had this inside joke where he was supposed to make monthly subscriptions to me. He gave this note to me 5 months into dating about 5 years ago with money taped on to ‘renew his subscription’
I havent removed it since that day and never will even if i’m homeless and 45 cents short of my next meal.

Why cant i remember feeling this ridiculously in love with you.


Wimbleton loves the idea of being the center of attention, but once that actually happens, he often panics. He thinks highly of himself, and can never understand why anyone wouldn’t think the same of him. He believes he is good at everything, but truly, his main skill is writing. He wishes he was as eloquent in life as he is on paper. He loves video games and cartoons, as well as techno music, or anything with a beat. He also loves sweets. He tends not to tolerate people he finds annoying and will often be very vocal about his distaste for them.