August 28th. Eight years of an endless and pure love. 
Started on 2008 with only 6 members and now is a big family
of 10 members, with wifes and babies. We, kissme, are really
lucky to have in our lives this talented guys who are capable
of make us smile a lot just being themselves. Many changes,
tears, laughs, memories, hard moments. From Not Young to
Stalker and more. Everybody said they could not survive for
so long, but even with all the scars that they gained in
their path, they keep walking forward.This is a love that
can't be described by words, and it grows more and more.♡

Again, thank you so much U-KISS. Thanks for this 8 years.
I love you forever, don’t deny our r²π! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
@ukissSH @KiSSeop91 @ Eli @HooN91y @Kevinwoo91 @JuN97L
91AJ @alexander_0729 @90KKB @Dongho94

“ 🎉8주년이다!!🎊 와우, 유키스로 데뷔한지 벌써 8년이됐네요~ 앞으로도 많이 사랑해주세요! 유키스도 화이팅!^^ Happy 8th anniversary! Can’t believe it’s been 8 years since debuting. Some went separate ways, some became fathers, life is just full of excitements!😁 All the BEST to U-KISS, both ex n current members! And thank u for always supporting me for whatever I do!❤️ God bless!
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I have something in my eye… ;__;


I just want to say that I am so proud of Eli! He and his wife are so strong and I hope their child will grow up healthy without any difficulties!❤️ U-KISS was my first kpop group I stanned and I just feel so happy to see him happy :’) Please support Eli and U-KISS a lot~😭❤️